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Gas Station Tacos: El Infiernito at Webb Chapel Road

By Chris Baccus |

Taqueria El Infiernito is a bright red building with an awning over several outside stools and an eating counter that provides a good place to eat if you’re not in a hurry after fueling up. The tacos are excellent if you’re a fan of a greasier taco shell wrapping around a beef fajita, pastor, chorizo, carnitas, chicken, lengua, or barbacoa topping.

I went with the beef fajita, pastor, chorizo and carnitas tacos all on corn tortillas with chopped cilantro and onions.  My order included a charred jalapeño, grilled onions, a couple lemon wedges, and three different salsas.

The tortillas are a dark corn that taste like they’ve been soaked in oil all morning, a good thing in this case. They remind me of another personal favorite, La Paisanita Taqueria Deli. The carnitas tasted amazing when combined with the double-ply corn tortillas and a few drops of the salsa roja. The pork is lean and moist – the exact way you’d want pulled pork to taste like – as if it fell cleanly off the bone with no effort by human hands.

There was plenty of crumbled chorizo to be had in the next taco as I worked my way down a line of fillings and small puddles of grease dripped as each taco was raised from container to mouth. The chorizo was flavorful and tasted great when dipped into the creamy salsa verde with its avocado base.

Small chops of beef filled the fajita taco. The meat is lean at Taqueria El Infiernito whether it was beef or pork.  Flavor was a bit bland since the fajita meat is simply chopped beef without any charring and very little seasoning.

Finally the pastor, which looked rich in color, was sadly disappointing. The spices are just a bit off with too much adobo sauce and a bit of a paste texture. Perhaps it was an off day as everything else tasted great; plus, this was one of the better all-around gas station taco experiences.

The Webb-Chapel area is proving to be a great find for amazing street food for when you need to refuel before you hit the street.

Gas Station: Shell

Address: 9763-A Webb Chapel Rd., Dallas, TX 75220

Rating (4 out of 5):