Free Giveaway: Five Tickets (With Guest Passes) to D‘s World Bazaar on July 17

D is hosting a fancy schmancy party with Bombay Sapphire called the World Bazaar on Tuesday, July 17 at 6 p.m. Executive Chef Tre Wilcox from Marquee Grill Village Marquee – Texas Grill & Bar is preparing international dishes and cocktails for this festive food pairing event. Do you want to go? Would you like to see Mr. Wilcox in person instead of through photographs all the time? (Update: Wilcox will be in Italy. You’ll have to cross the Atlantic to see him.) It’s your lucky day, amigos y amigas. We’re giving away five tickets (each ticket includes a guest pass) to the World Bazaar. Since it’s a bazaar, all you have to do is write a nice comment down below on the most bizarre thing you’ve ever seen in order to be in the running. (Keep it clean! And use a real email address if you want to win.) We’ll pick random winners on Wednesday, July 11, at 3 p.m. and send you an email with instructions if you’re one of the lucky five.


  • Jen

    This weekend, I was volunteering for DFW Rescue Me and giving the dogs Bully Sticks. They seem to love them! The sticks are awfully smelly – and afterwards I realized what Bully Sticks are! Gross!!!! (google it…) But dogs love them, people just usually don’t know what they’re made of. I found out this weekend and it was totally bizzare.

  • Michu

    Rat burger (yes, really) at 4am on Revolucion Street in Tijuana……it was actually pretty damn good…or so my drunken, 18 year old taste buds told me at the moment…. YUCK

  • Giant Sis

    When I was visiting my sister in Austria, we saw a sign at the subway for “Kiss and Ride”. We had all kinds of theories on what THAT could mean!

  • demigodh

    In Le Mat, a small town outside of Hanoi, I had an 8 course meal made from a cobra. The coolest (most bizarre) part was watching the two guys take out the live snake, remove the heart (which was served to me still beating), and pour the bile into a shot glass with grain alcohol for the most bizarre shot i’ve ever taken.

  • Jessi

    Kim Kardashian having breakfast with Miles Austin, and she was not wearing any make-up. That was the most bizarre thing I have ever seen.

  • After a night of drinking too much wine in Paris, I let the fishmonger dare me into eating some type of unknown shellfish from his crummy little food stall. I thought he was flirting with me, but all he really wanted to do was have a good laugh with the other food sellers. He was charming, though, and I didn’t die of food poisoning. It might have just been some slime tucked in a shell for all I knew, but I managed to eat it.

  • Last fall, a pair of roosters roamed the streets of Oak Lawn for days. It was very bizarre. I don’t know what happened to them.

  • Tinman

    Years ago, while driving southbound on Central Expressway I looked over to the car in the lane to my left. A 20-something nubile young female was hanging out the passenger side window with her bottom resting on the window opening. She was TOPLESS and she was having a great time waving at the admiring motorists.

  • Allison

    Waking up to my hair and Egyptian cotton bed sheets covered in buffalo sauce after a visiting friend had a late night snack

  • Caryn

    Texans haggling with Turkish carpet salesmen in teh reall bazaar in Istanbul.

  • Kate

    We’re about to see it again…. it is bizarre when all of the stores in our favorite malls start rolling out their fall apparel (wool coats and heavy sweaters) in Texas… in AUGUST!

  • Kristi

    Driving through Mississippi last week on the way back from vacation seeing a billboard for Shoney’s that said “Worth every calorie.”

  • Dennis Bryant

    The most BAZAAR thing I have ever seen is a TRUE fish market in Seol Korea and when I turned a corner I saw Ducks and Cats strung up to bleed out. BAZAAR!

  • Ryan

    Once while driving to the airport, I saw a man driving a Cadillac merging onto Woodall Rogers. He was steering with his knees, talking on his cell phone, and playing the guitar. That is the most bizarre thing I’ve seen.


  • huy

    Tranny drag queen in a single platform high heeled shoe, chasing after a similarly outfitted individual, complaining about stolen beauty products in the French Quarter pre-Katrina.

  • Ann

    My boyfriend eats raw garlic like candy- very bizarre to watch.

  • Bronzeboy

    My mom had made a large something using 10 or 12 egg yolks saving the whites in a drinking glass to be used later. I came into the house that evening very thirsty, opened the refrigerator door and spotted three quarter full glass of lemonade…”not” It is not easy to stop the flow of egg yolks. Thinking it best to keep that mistake to myself didn’t last long as I soon learned the trick to induce vomiting…raw egg yolks.
    It was a bizarre feeling.

  • Bronzeboy

    Raw egg whites

  • Rob

    I once saw a two headed snake

  • Lindsay

    I once saw a man hobbling down the street on crutches while carrying a backpack from which two long mannequin legs sprung out–bizarre!

  • Claire

    Once in college, I was eating at Cafe Brazil on a Sunday (early evening). As we were getting ready to leave, I felt a hard WHACK on the back of my head. I turned around, expecting to see an apologetic server who’d bumped into me accidentally, and saw a woman with small, deformed arms grinning at me. She hit me on purpose for no reason! I stood there dumbfounded and decided to escape outside. My friends came out laughing hysterically. I thought they were still laughing at my random attack. The woman had come up to my friend and started stroking her hair with her deformed arms, and flirting with her. Fourteen years later I still wonder why this woman did that. Bizarre!

  • Val

    Durian ice cream at Paciugo. The employee said it tastes like cheesecake but I know better!

  • Erin Ahlfinger

    My friend Chris had sinus surgery a few years back that required bone deformities in his forehead to be filed down a bit. Unfortunately, the surgeon filed his forehead down too far and left a hole into his sinus cavity. Whenever he would exhale forcefully through his nose, his forehead would inflate like a balloon, and then deflate again. After months of constant sinus infections and terrible headaches, he finally filed a malpractice claim and had it repaired. They took a piece of bone from somewhere else, ground it down, and make it into a bone “glue” to patch the hole. Viola. No more balloon face. It was pretty bizarre while it lasted.

  • Brian

    The most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen is a Dallas driver using their turn signal.

  • Steve risberg

    Watched a car run astop light and tbone a motorcycle. The car peeled out in one direction. The biker bounced off the pavement twice then landed on his feet and ran in a completely different direction. Very very wtf did I just see!

  • B

    Hanging out in Aspen, there’s a guy who plays music but more bizzare is is the dog he has that lets a cat stand on his back that lets a mouse sit on top of him. He’s been doing it for years, but it’s certainly bizzare. Or jumprope guy on the Katy Trail. Kind of bizarre too.

  • Emily Grace

    I saw lots of bizarre things living in Memphis and travelling frequently to New Orleans – lots of it was inappropriate for publishing in a public forum. However, I saw a grand piano in the middle of a busy intersection one morning. Not sure how it got there, or why, but it called attention to the woman on her front porch, selling all of her soon-to-be-ex-husband’s belongings for 1 penny each.

  • Lauren

    the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen would have to be a family of chickens crossing the road in key west. bizarre and cute all at the same time! luckily I wasn’t in a rush because we definitely waited for them to cross safely.

  • Lori

    Most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen – Prince Charles in London!

  • Raine Devries

    I had dashed into the Passport office in Downtown Dallas to collect something my father had accidentally left behind a few moments earlier. As I entered, there was a blonde lady at the counter and the agent was very calmly telling her that No, her Neiman-Marcus card was not a valid form of ID. I stood behind her for a couple moments biting my lip to keep from laughing because, bless her heart, she just couldn’t grasp the concept that the Feds wouldn’t accept her Neiman’s card as a second form of ID.

  • Liz

    A bride in Bangkok whose entire wedding dress was made out of folded starburts wrappers!

  • Liz

    While in Hawaii I saw a wild rooster eating out the crumbs out of an empty McDonald’s chicken McNugget box!! Cannibalism?

  • Susie

    I work for a property management company. I was in the front office one day when an older man came in to see if anyone found & brought in his false teeth. WTH?? I had so many follow-up questions to that. Very bizarre lol

  • Paige

    Weirdest thing I’ve ever seen – 

    The Marc Jacob’s 2008 Spring Shoe Collection.

  • Rachel

    830am hotel lobby. 30 something man dressed in a too small donkey costume drinking from a sippy cup. I’m hoping he lost a bet.

  • krystal smith

    3 people in a smart car!!!

  • pennie

    a Toyota Tundra driving down 20 East at 60 mph with a 5 ft Rabbit hutch strapped in – 2 bunnies in the hutch – ears flapping in the wind!
    What a way to travel on a hot Dallas saturday!

  • Nelle

    Bizarre….well maybe more funny: stop sign with graffiti that read “hammer time!” LOL

  • Kristin

    The most bazaar thing I’ve seen- today at least- is that Marquee was able to get their new logo on the ad, but not their new printed name… ; )
    Would be fun to go and see if that name has changed anything or if it’s still just as great.

  • Corrina Akin

    The most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen in real life was a car accident in which a friend of mine was thrown from the bed of a truck, what seemed like hundreds of yards, and managed to land on his feet and only a little stumble after he landed. If he isn’t part cat then he’s just got a great sense of balance and tons of luck.

  • Kate Beauchamp

    The other night, I got sucked into a National Geographic show. I can’t remember what it was called, but I feel like it may have been “Taboo.” It was at that time, I realized I was witnessing the most BIZARRE thing I’ve seen in a while! There was a little Indian girl with 8 arms/legs. That poor thing. I feel bad saying it was bizarre but it truly was!

  • Tiffany

    I’m sure that I’ve seen a lot more bizarre things, but this was the first that popped into my head.. I think it’s bizarre that people try to pick up complete strangers in grocery stores. While walking out of an aisle, I was once asked what my profile was (I don’t have one). I’ve also been asked on a date to cook together and told that a pair of pants I was holding up would look really good on me.

  • Annie

    I saw a pet parrot on a man’s shoulder at The Foundry last weekend. The white-winged bird sat on shoulders, nested in pretty girls’ hair, and bobbed its head up and down as it danced to the live music. Apparently, it was a great pick up line and chance to take many an iPhone Instagram memory, but I failed to see it pull through as anything other than an icebreaker.

  • Kerri

    Have you ever seen an anteater in person? Well, I have at the Dallas World Aquarium. Those things look like they should be on another planet. BIZARRE!

  • Major

    While stationed in Iraq with the KC-130’s, the mechanic on the next aircraft was pulling the chalks and got bit by a snake that was curled up behind them. Instead of freaking and going to medical, he pulled out his pocket knife and crawled under the plane, chased after the snake, caught it, sliced the head off, and took the snake and head to medical cursing up a storm.



    TERRI B.

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  • Stephanie Johnson

    3 hassadic Jews, smoking around the Wailing Wall in Israel…#super random

  • Marissa

    The first thing that comes to mind is the fried sleeve fish head found at the Wangfujing night market in Beijing.

  • L

    A male beer fairy giving out rootbeer on the street and saying “I’m the beer fairy, taste my grainy goodness” to everyone that passed.

  • Katie

    I use to live in boulder, Colorado and I was running on a trail and saw a woman rollerblading with her pet parrot. The parrot was on a leash and it was flying alongside of her. I guess that’s a good way to get exercise for your parrot!

  • Amy Anderson

    The movie yellow submarine…. gives me a headache just thinking about it!

  • LM

    In Cartegena, Colombia, many years ago while on a summer school trip, I found the traffic lights to be bizarre. The lights would change from red to yellow to green instead of the usual way of green to yellow to red. The stopped cars, upon seeing the yellow light, would start revving their engines in anticipation of the green light and jump into the intersection as quickly as possible. It was bizarre.

  • Piya

    On my last trip to Asia, a family of 5 riding along in a 2-wheel “scooter” – Dad driving, 5-6 year old boy standing in front of him. Mom behind Dad carrying a 1 year old baby, and sandwiched between Mom and Dad was another kid. Makes our “need” to have trucks and SUVs seem extravagant.

  • jeni

    Birds nesting in the wreath at my front door…however the neighbors cat.. well need i say more…BAD KITTY!!!!

  • AS

    I once looked in the mirror while I was smiling. Only half of my face smiled. It was bizarre. The doctor told me it was temporary facial paralysis from airborne bacteria.

    My friends and family used my temporary facial paralysis as a source of their entertainment. Everyone wanted to see the girl with a half-working face spill water all over herself while struggling to drink. Friends I hadn’t seen all summer met me out for dinner, made sure we had a lot to laugh about, and paid extra, close attention to me whenever anyone would say something funny–just so they could see my half smile. It was bizarre.

  • Jimmy C

    I heard of this civilization where animals do nothing but sleep, eat, and poop, and humans feed them on command and clean up after them like kings. I believe the animals were called “dogs”. How bizarre, how bizarre.

  • Jose Espinoza

    The most bizarre and awesome thing I have ever seen was at a bar when a approximately 6’2″ drunk guy was making fun and bullying a maybe around 3’10” dwarf. The little guy, all in a split second, jumped onto a chair next to the big guy, jumped up off it and in mid-air punched the big guy on the chin knocking him out cold. Everyone cheered.

  • Tracy Sheldeb

    The rain in July!

  • tiffany

    When I was driving to school today, I stopped at a red light. The driver in the car next to me lifted a trumpet from his lap and started playing something during the wait! And then when the light turned green, he put it down to start driving again…BIZARRE!

  • Val

    Chunks of snake in a dish for dinner

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  • Michell Hunt

    THe most bizaare thing I have seen is the Mexican pointed boots!! now THATS bizaare!!!

  • jeff

    I lived in pre-Katrina New Orleans for 6 years so i have lots of strange and bizarre stories too racey for this post. However, i found this next very weird at the time. I love to play golf, so when i first moved there, i had lots of fun locating and playing at all the local golf courses, no how obscure and out of the way the course was. So, one morning, i teed off for the round behind a group of five players. On a dog-leg right hole, the five guys all hit their ball down the right side if the fairway, drive up to their ball hit again and go on with no excitement. Not being familiar with the course, I followed those guys example down the right side and hit my ball within a few feet if where most of their ball’s landed. When i walked up to my ball, there was an 8 FOOT ALLIGATOR less than five feet away. I wasmore than a little freaked out but those guys in front of me didn’t even react to it. It even phase them

  • Bex

    I work at a hospital near downtown Dallas, so I get to see bazaar things on a daily basis. Would love to go to this event!

  • Bex

    Sorry the 1st comment by me the email address was wrong. How bazaar!! 🙂 this one should have the right one.

  • michelle troutt

    I saw a guy that took his dead cat and had it stuffed and turned it into a remote control for his tv….grossness!!!

  • Shab

    At a nice restaurant in Danga Bay in Johor Bahru, Malayasia, after several courses were served from what we had picked out from the fresh tanks, the lobster sashimi course came. It was so fresh it was served in the scooped out middle of the lobster, whose carcass was still moving and twitching…presumably for our entertainment! The still wriggling octopi were slimier and by far harder to get down, but the lobster course won for being the most bizarre.

  • Aminah

    The most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen is a a homeless man trying to take someone’s purse and then getting chased with a large stick. Crazy….

  • Teresa Vaquera

    In our neighborhood, there was a PEACOCK roaming around and I looked out the window and people were across the street pointing to my house and my dogs were barking and I was wondering what was going on. I went outside and there was a PEACOCK on our ROOF.. LOL! Beautiful Peacock..

  • Lindsey

    Tranny prostitute at the Walgreens on Oak Lawn and Cedar Springs buying panty hose.

  • Lauren B

    A 5-piece mariachi band serenaded me on the NYC subway once. It was AWESOME, but totally bizarre and unexpected outside of a crappy chain tex-mex restaurant.

  • Crystal

    A guy with a machette burning trash in an abandoned homes driveway. Later he was drinking a 40 on that homes front porch.

  • Monica

    Midget wrestling was pretty bizarre

  • Kelly Hunter

    The most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen is a group of middle aged men playing NAKED FRISBEE in the Englischer Garten in Munich. Not one I hope to see again.

  • Corey

    Algiers, Algeria. Walking down the street after prayers and dinner during Ramadan, the door of a bar was open. Peering in (can’t go in since I’m a female), I see all the men smoking like chimneys which is not bizarre. But the old man who had a headless, nude female mannequin on his lap was weird. And seeing him stroke “her” thigh and leer at me was downright freaky!

  • Bev Garvin

    This may possibly be THE most bizarre thing I’ve seen in a while, it’s a weird pinkish sea creature found along the coast in Japan. A bunch of them were on a dune and scattered at an unexpectedly fast pace (even though they don’t have legs). Then they found another one and flipped it over…

    I don’t want to spoil it, watch it for yourself and tell me what you think! Maybe Teiich Sakurai can tell us what it is? The video has over 4 million views

    New Bizarre Animal Discovered in Japan:

  • Winners should’ve just received an email in their inbox detailing how to get the free tickets.

  • Abby

    I once saw a chicken play the piano at the I.Q. Zoo in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It was wearing a purple glittery outfit.