• Gore May

    Eden Cafe on W. Lovers Lane. Kind of hard to find, with construction going on right at its intersection. Not a lot of other diners, and as other writers have mentioned, it takes a looooong time for your order to be prepared and brought to you. What a payoff, though.

    Started out with a “Composed Salad”, which was very fresh and served with their very tasty artichoke dressing. You get a basket of breads also, and the small blueberry muffins were out of this world.

    About one hour after placing my order, it came. Prime Rib French Dip with mozzarella and grilled onions. I don’t even know where to start. The bread was so unbelievable soft and obviously fresh baked, and the sandwhich so loving prepared. The au jus should be bottled as sold as an aphrodisiac.

    I’m about as tired of french dip sandwiches as is possible, but this sounded so good I had to try it. I can’t possibly see anyone making a better version of this. Had cookies for dessert, and they were quite good, but my god, that sandwich. If you have the time (you’ll need it) and want to try someplace that throws its heart into a meal, give ’em a shot.

  • Eagles

    Manny’s in Addison for lunch on Wednesday; neh, not very good. Dry, flavorless corn tortillas that held cold cheddar cheese and one piece of onion. Good beans though. City Cafe for dinner last night. The food was good but not outstanding. The roasted potatoes were lifeless and had no seasoning. The rack of lamb was cooked to perfection and lovely on its own but they placed it on top of what was supposed to be a Marsala sauce; all I could taste was reduced soy sauce, ick. Overall atmosphere was really nice but the staff was odd. I’m sure I’ll go back, just won’t be my first choice.

  • RLA

    Tried ACME F&B last night. LOVE the atmosphere as its pretty different than any other place in Dallas. Charming and warm. Everything that we tried was delicious. Dont miss the crab and grapefruit dip or the warm bread salad. As far as the entrees go, everything was prepared to perfection. The chicken and dumplings was a favorite!
    My ONLY complaint was our server. He must have been new as he could not answer many of our questions. He was fairly uninterested in providing a high level of service or really any at all. The secondary server gave much much better service and care. Too bad we didnt have him. I also noticed that all tables were receiving some sort of “starter” drink. We were not offered the same thing.
    All in all, I will definitely be back. Hopefully the service is a bit better next time.

  • acrow

    Went to Snack for dinner. Really wanted to like it (I love Nosh), but was quite dissapointed. Atmosphere is terrible (extremely loud for having very few diners; has all of the ambiance of a take-out pizza place). We ordered the raw oysters (very good), brussel sprout fitters (good sauce, but limp fritters), chicken shwarma (decent, but very small portion), shrimp bruschetta (very bland and nearly impossible to eat given that the shrimp still had the shells on them) and three little pigs (over-salted to the point of being inedible). Overally, Snack has some good ideas, but very poor execution does not at all match the price point ($100 for dinner for two with one drink each).

  • had another great burger at Liberty Burger on Forest West of Tollway. Great ingedients, friendly staff, clean and comfortable dining room with just enough upscale-ness but not overboard. nice beer and wine and actually a full liquor selection too! Burgers are creative but not bizarre. watch for a tuna burger to be debuted soon, too. i hate ranking (grape and maple and motor and my sentimental favorites burger house are all great)…i’d put liberty up with any of them and its now my burger “go to” in our n. dallas hood.

  • WD

    Agree on Eden Cafe’s quality. The composed salad is a work of art really and I look forward to it every time. The Fr Dip is outstanding, the breads great, and the chocolate for the dipped strawberries mouth watering, but her Sage Burger is my most favorite. We often do take out which makes the wait for the hand-prep’d food to order a non-issue. They are also very nice folks.

  • joeat

    I am very intrigued with Eden Cafe but where on Lovers is it? Would love to check it out.

  • Gore May

    Eden Cafe is on W. Lovers about a mile west of Inwood. It’s a small house (yes, that’s right), with a sign in front. Address is 4416 W. Lovers. Pastries are all very fresh and housemade (coconut cream pie, pecan pie, five layer fudge cake, lemon squares, various cookies, etc.). The owner was supposed to be making her famous all-berry cobbler on Friday. I hear its great.

  • joeat

    Thanks, I will report back.

  • PF

    Il Cane Rosso truck at Times Ten Cellars. The place was packed. Once finding a table service was outstanding from the friendly staff at Times Ten. The wine and beverages were served without delay, waters kept full, and delicious salad and pizza from the truck.

  • Liz G.

    Sunday Lunch/Brunch at Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill was a definite winner! The best part was the “Custom” Bloody Mary. Loved all of the available options to be added to the drink.

  • Bojangle

    Had a wonderful dinner at The Mercury. Carlos Anzorena is now in management and has added such a personal and welcoming touch. The Strip steak was fantastic and the Crackling Chicken was moist and delicious! Drinks were generous and we are always made to feel special. Thanks, Carlos for a wonderful evening

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