• David Resetar

    veggie combo from Sheba’s Ethiopian Kitchen on Forest Lane

  • Applebee’s.


  • todd

    I finally got over to Victor Tangos to try the roasted bone marrow and it was awesome! As good as it is on the toast points, it absolutely rocked the bells spread on their yukon gold chips. We had several other plates – lamb flat bread, ahi nachos, hanger steak, mac & cheese. All were great, I will definitely go back.

  • Po-Boy

    Dalat for beef pho, Wicked Po’Boys for the soft shell crab po-boy and Acme F&B (where it was all good)!

  • Al

    Tried Liza Garcia’s Sissy’s Southern Kitchen – fried chicken, mac and cheese, deviled eggs, squash puppies, sheet choc cake. Everything tasted like processed fast food. Very noisy, will not be back. Disappointing!!

  • chefjordy

    Carbone’s Sunday Supper, Empa Mundo in Irving (need more of these places), Lockhart, Nosh (actually not a bad place with kids…early)

  • twinwillow

    Wicked ‘Po Boys for lunch. The fried oyster ‘po boy on an exceptionally good roll was very good. But the place is very small and cramped.

  • SZC

    @Al – Lisa Garza.

  • InsideEdition

    I went to Sissys and felt totally different. I thought they went out of their way to make things different. I didn’t live every note but the chicken was delicious and the room is really comfortable even when it’s crowded. I guess I expected it to be snooty and it wasn’t so I was surprised. Certainly not fast food quality.

  • TLS

    Pepper Smash. Great prosciutto pizza and one of the very best soft shell crabs ever. It was clean. Anyone who eats soft shell crabs regularly like I do know that clean crabs aren’t always the case. I thought we were having the most excellent dinner but then we had the short rib and the dinner careened off the cliff. The sauce was heavy and the rib was fatty and tough. I don’t care that I ordered short rib in a hundred degree weather. There was air conditioning…I was cold! My mistake. Also, the cocktails are so complicated that it takes forever to get one and the four we tried were not worth the wait. But, service was friendly and the menu has many enticing options so I’ll return and order the soft shell crab twice.

  • Liz G.

    Spent most of the past two weeks on the road between here and Indiana -through Tennessee and Kentucky (which seems to have the state restaurant theme of “Fried Chicken buffet” where “vegetables” = corn and potatoes.)

    The outstanding meals I had were at Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken in Memphis and a perfectly marbled and grilled ribeye at Eddie Montgomery’s (of Montgomery Gentry) Steakhouse in Harrodsburg, Ky. Seriously the best prepared steak I’ve had in a very long time.

  • CS

    Tried to eat at Nosh Plano at 9:15 after a movie last night (Friday) but was told by the lady at the front that the kitchen was closed… Asked if we could get a drink at the bar, she said that she “guessed she could go ask”… I felt as though I was asking a favor, so I told my friend that we should just go somewhere that is going to be open for a while when the lady from Nosh spoke up and said “Yea, that’s probably a good idea”. Really??? No wonder the Plano location is not doing well… Sitting next door to a movie theater and not letting people eat or drink at 9:15 on a Friday night will not lead to success!

  • twinwillow

    Early dinner Friday night at Farnachi. Really great cheese stuffed burger and insanely good garlic fries with a ranch type dipping sauce. Only, better than any other ranch dressing I’ve had lately. Pleasant attentive service.

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