Deep Ellum Outdoor Market Shuts Down Main Street for Two Year Anniversary Event

A photo I stole from the DEOM's website

George Lewis already mentioned Deep Ellum Outdoor Market’s food truck rally that’s happening on Saturday, but researchers say that repetition is necessary for information to be stored in your short-term memory. That’s why, as a public service to you, I’m saying it again. See how kind I am?

A two year anniversary event may not seem like the biggest deal ever, but for Brandon Castillo, the Director of Deep Ellum Outdoor Market, it’s an achievement.

“I’m really proud of having been able to survive for two years, and being able to move out of my parents’ house is nice,” he says.

Castillo started the DEOM in July of 2010 after spending two years as a vendor for the market he took over, which was then known as Malcolm Swap Meet. His friend ran the Malcolm Swap Meet behind the Cafe Brazil on Elm Street while Castillo sheepishly admits that he illegally sold egg rolls, not “cognizant of health codes and violations.” When the friend was tired of running the Malcolm Swap Meet, Castillo decided to change the entire concept and came up with the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market, which offers a space for local artists and businesses to share their work and products every third Saturday of the month.

The urban activist in Castillo likes shutting down streets, so he’s proud that the market has moved from Cafe Brazil to Main Street. On Saturday, July 21st from 6 to 10 p.m., food trucks (Nammi Truck, Rock & Roll Tacos, The Butcher’s Son, Free Wheelin, and Food Traveler), bands (One Red Cent, Goodnight Ned, and Bravo Max), and local Deep Ellum restaurants (La Grange and Zen Bistro) are gathering between Malcolm X and Crowdus for the DEOM’s first evening party.

“Foot traffic on Main street isn’t what it should be,” says Castillo. “Because there aren’t as many bars and restaurants between Malcolm X and Good Latimer, it’s not getting as much attention as it needs….The major goal of the market is to help inspire a walkable community in Deep Ellum.”

The official DEOM afterparty will be at Club Dada after the Market closes. There’ll be musical performances by The Red 100’s, The Will Callers, and The Roomsounds.


  • Mike Dunlap

    Brandon does everything sheepishly. Which is how all the cool kids do things these days.