Deep Ellum Brewing Co. Launches Two New Beers

It’s been a beer-y good summer for the dudes at Deep Ellum Brewing Company so far. Last week they announced they were selling their goods to Boston, and now it looks like they’ve got not one, but two beers they’re launching starting July 31. (Say what?!)

Allow me to introduce you to a new ale the bros are adding to their year-round lineup, the Dallas Blonde. She’s alluring, sweet, and definitely mellow. Head Brewer Drew Huerter writes, “Our Blonde is certainly in the American tradition and borrows its hop forward character from the subset known as Extra Pale Ale (XPA) and has the body some of the grainy character of a Pale American Wheat.”

Next up is the seasonal batch Wealth & Taste, which comes from a line in The Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil.” This Belgian-style Blonde Ale won’t be brewed again this year, so there’s any extremely low supply. Get it while you can before it runs out, warn the dudes at Deep Ellum Brewing Co. They want to make sure you drink well, as always.


  • Mr. D’Bagge

    I wish your douche-y colleagues would have included this in their non-local beer review for your city magazine.

  • @Mr. D’Bagge: Seems impossible, since both beers won’t be released until July 31. However, douchebags are historically the only people capable of time travel, so, you never know.

    P.S. Franconia is in McKinney, not Dallas. Rahr is in Fort Worth, not Dallas. Real Ale is in Blanco, not Dallas. By your standards, you’d have everyone drinking, what, Lakewood, Peticolas, and Deep Ellum? Peticolas doesn’t sell bottles; Lakewood doesn’t either (and TABC rules prohibit them from selling directly to consumers). FireWheel, which I believe is technically in Rowlett (amazingly, also not Dallas), won’t debut a beer until July 26 of this year. But thanks so much for the suggestion.

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