Dallas Morning News Acquires PegasusNews: Where is Teresa Gubbins?

The other day I reported news about the transition on Frontburner. We’ve all known for a long time that the data on GuideLive, especially the online restaurant listings have been anemic for years. Go to GuideLive.com and search for the directory listing for The Porch. What you find, dear readers, is a paragraph copied from The Porch’s website and pasted as editorial on the site. Now, according to the press release:

Rich Alfano, General Manager of The Dallas Morning News’ Arts and Entertainment business, said, “Pegasus News allows us to reach more consumers and strengthens our ability to provide the latest and most relevant information about places to visit, events, music and restaurants.  Pegasus News’ hyperlocal data provides consumers with information on approximately 225,000 places, 5,000 events, 4,200 restaurants, 2,500 bands and Friday Night specials.”

Poof! They don’t have to bother their busy editors, they just bought the content of PegNews and will paste it in their online content and web apps. (Pop-Up Media?)

So what, you ask? So what about the staff at Pegasus News? Most of them are now employees of DMN. But where in the creme brulee is dining reporter Teresa Gubbshoe Gubbins? She’s gone underground (not dat DAT underground, like REALLY, REALLY deep under the surface of the earth.) She ain’t talking to me. Hmm, little Ms. Skinny B where art thou? Shall we bring her to SideDish? Oh, that would be so peachy!!!! Find her…First one to spot her wins a prize.


  • Scott–DFW

    The refusal of Pegasus News editor Sarah Blaskovich to respond to readers’ questions about Gubbins’s status over the course of the week is remarkable. Gubbins has been the site’s star content generator since its launch five years ago, breaking a number of major food stories and many more small and entertainingly quirky ones. Whether she’s there after the transition or not, after a full week of silence after the acquisition announcement, Pegasus News owes it to its readers to set the record straight.

  • me

    Anyone with half a brain can figure out what has happened.

  • Me, spill it…

    Scott, TG was the only one over on Pegasus that generated content Looks like they kept the content partners and the database people that post them…It seems very disrespectful that Ms. Blaskovich and company won’t comment.

  • Stacy

    TG was the ONLY one with original content.

  • InsideEdition

    Has she left Dallas? What a shame.

  • Dan

    I think i saw her buying light bulbs at Home Depot

  • Wipe OUt

    If they fire her, they’re stupid.

  • Borborygmus

    @Wipe out. Wouldn’t be a first. She is the Wilonsky of Dallas food.

  • InsideEdition

    I’m confused. Pegasus is up and they are changing stuff. But they are working at the DMN? Sounds like they dumped some folks including Teresa. Too bad. Side Dish will rock if you hire her.

  • smart-aleck

    Well it’s already been said more than once, but Teresa really was the only person doing actual writing at Pegasus News. Other than her, the editorial side of Pegasus is pretty much a list of links to actual news sites and insufferable “content partner” posts that read like your weird aunt’s cat blog.

    Why did the DMN buy Pegasus? Nancy and others are right: Pegasus has great data. So in a time of lay-offs and downsizing, why would they want to keep on an actual writer? TG being cut out of the deal makes the DMN’s thought process quite obvious.

  • me

    Ok Nancy, here is what I am fairly sure is going on. Teresa was given her walking papers by the DMN but also given some cash to keep quiet. The Pegasus people meanwhile are naively claiming it will be “business as usual.” But without Teresa, that would clearly not be the case, so they are keeping quiet too. Of course, Sarah Blaskovech is not a reliable source – I doubt she had anything to do with the deal and probably learned about it right before it was publicly announced. She is just a young kid who is getting an on-the-job MBA as to how the world works. That education is going to be ugly.

  • twinwillow


  • biscuitbarrel

    Perhaps TG is giving Brenner a marathon weekend workshop.

  • applesauce

    Teresa is a real writer, why the heck would she ever come to D mag.. omg.

  • The Janitor

    Yes Applesauce, then she’d have to put up with followers like you!

  • Harry R.

    If they did cut her loose, someone will snap her up quickly. Everyone in the food biz and food media recognizes her skills.

  • KM

    WHAT? Will she still be writing for D and Ft Worth Star Telegram! I have enjoyed her writing for years, I hope she surfaces soon with a new gig.

  • Rocco

    Did it dawn on any of you that maybe, just maybe, TG didn’t want to work for DMN? Maybe DMN offered her a chance to tag along with the others and she didn’t want to? It’s not like they parted the best of ways the first time. I realize that DMN has created this level of skepticism, but it seems to blind most of you from seeing that DMN’s move to buy Pegasus not only saved jobs but also was a wonderfully smart acquisition of data. Oh. And maybe SB is just following orders to not publically discuss TG status since it isn’t any of our business.

  • 300 pound gorilla

    @ Rocco, I disagree. TG status is our business in that she has a loyal and faithful following developed over years of fair and interesting reviews. Probably and more than likely she was given a severence/ parting package and asked to keep quite for a certian amount of time ( as per usual in these kind of takeovers) Been there done that. It would have been more professional for them to make a statement and be done with it.
    I justy hope someone in the DFW market realizes her talent and scoops her up quick.

  • Media Ite

    “Rocco” sounds cranky. Guess he’s the one who brokered the deal? Nice shot dude.

  • Applesauce, Teresa writes for D Magazine already. How can you criticize a magazine you don’t read. We can all expect to find Ms. Gubbins alive and well and polishing her gumshoes for another gig. Champions adjust.

  • Annie P


  • Kris

    I’m wishing the Teegster all the best. Whoever snaps up this talented, connected writer will surely be the winner in all of this. TG – please pop in to this thread and at least say hello! 🙂

  • The Guy

    As someone who put in his time at the DMN, I can attest that a recurring nightmare is to wake up one morning and find you’re working for them again. It’s like Groundhog Day, but infinitely worse.

    Wherever your path leads you, Ms. Gubbins, best of luck. We’ll be reading.

  • The Girl

    The Guy, LOL

  • applesauce

    So, she writes for you..and you have no idea of her whereabouts? Bad career move.

  • applesauce

    She is one of the only writers who hasn’t sold out like you. The majority of restaurants and places you recommend and who keep being posted about are almost all built by the same group… It’s a joke. How much do they pay you?

  • The Girl

    applesauce come on why do you have to be mean. If Nancy had sold out she wouldn’t write a blog post like this in the first place.

  • I understand th’ Dallas edition of Eater.com is looking for an editor. If TG took that job she could set that site on fire! I just hope we’re able to keep her here in Dallas!

  • 300 pound gorilla

    eater dallas is a clearing house for all the other food writers and blogs that alrady exist, she needs to land where she can express her opinion, review honesty and write creatively….like she was before and will again.

  • Borborygmus


    Where is Miss T? We all want to know
    To help things along this little rondeau.
    Is she here, maybe there? Nowhere a clue?
    Five feet topped with frizzle (a little blue)
    So favored by many, where did she go?

    Involuntary absentia? Just laying low?
    Do tell us soon, what seeds to sow,
    Was it a scandal, any plans to sue?
    Where is Miss T?

    Bad blood from something long time ago
    Perhaps it’s returned to land a blow.
    Beloved by readers, know that it’s true
    Concern over muzzling, what’s she to do?
    Will she be back soon, conquering foes?
    Where is Miss T?

  • Applesauce, that is a blanket statement. If I had sold out do you think I would be writing a food blog? She writes for me, I’m not her mother. Although I do know where she is every minute of every day because of the little transmitter I tucked under the seat of her Vespa.

  • The Guy

    Nancy, no reason to be upset. If life has taught us anything, it’s that apple sauce always has a secret agenda. As children, we were always finding secret pills stashed in it, hidden there “for our own good.” Even today, if you check Wiktionary, you’ll find it’s a synonym for nonsense.

    I like your blog, and would like it even more with a Gubbins in the house.

  • Borborygmus


    Applesauce, an interesting choice
    Of name with which to give voice
    Reamed thru the core
    And mashed until sore
    A snack that makes infants rejoice.

    Try poetry, it’s so much more satisfying than spewing.

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