Dallas is the Second Most Ice Cream Crazy City

Bundle just came out with this bit of news/info. in honor of National Ice Cream Month: Dallas is one of the top spenders of ice cream. The second, to be exact. Long Beach comes in first place with its citizens spending 268% more than the average American. Wow. Dallas, on the other hand, spends 209% above the average person. Krista Nightengale thinks it’s because Texas is so hot we need to console ourselves with cool treats, but I think it’s because we’re all fatties at heart. At least that’s my reason for going to Paciugo at least once a week to gobble up that ginger vanilla flavor they sometimes have. (That stuff is miiiighty fiiiine.) I still commend Krista for all that positive thinking, though.


  • Carol,

    My business partner Angie Conard and I would love to invite you to Sweet Firefly Gourmet Ice Cream and Candied Treats in Richardson. We opened our doors in October of 2011 and have been enjoying great success ever since! We make our own ice cream, including flavors such as Sea Salt Caramel, Bourbon Vanilla, Coconut Almond Fudge, and more. We also offer shaved ice, bulk candies, and handmade toffee by ML Dubay’s Toffee Treats. Stop by any day but Monday…that’s our day of rest! Have a super day, and thanks for highlighting Texan’s love for ice cream :). We sure do agree with you!


    Patti Otte
    Proprietor, Sweet Firefly

  • strange

    That’s odd, because there aren’t a lot of ice cream shops around…..plenty of gelato and frozen yogurt, but not ice cream. think about it.

  • Steftacular

    Coinscidental that I just moved from Long Beach to Dallas? LOL

  • Jerome

    I agree..Not too many ice cream shops.

  • bluebird

    i, too, find this survey to be pretty bogus. their criteria is ridiculous:

    “we examined all households which had a credit card transaction at ice cream and frozen yogurt vendors. We then examined the total number of transactions and spend per city and ranked on a per capita basis.”

    New England has been cited repeatedly as the area with the greatest ice cream consumption, and it doesn’t show up here at all?

    i regret having given them a click to find out.