Congrats to All the Best of Big D Winners: Food and Drink 2012

Yes, that is a real octopus. (photo by Elizabeth Lavin)

For weeks and weeks, you voted your hearts out to make sure your favorite Tex-Mex restaurant or burger joint landed a coveted spot in our August issue. Well, ladies and gents, give me a drum roll because the results are finally in.

A big round of applause should go to award newcomers like Old Town Creamery (Editors’ Pick for Best Ice Cream/Gelato) and A Wok (Editors’ Pick for Best Chinese) who are gracing the pages of D Magazine for the first time. Sundown at the Granada earned Best Vegetarian-Friendly for its never-ending selection of vegan and vegetarian plates. And, of course, Twisted Root Burger Co. won Readers’ Choice for Best Burger the second year in a row, while the editors’ pick, Liberty Burger, may surprise some of you by beating out some tough competitors, like Maple & Motor.

For all the rest of the Best of Big D winners for Culture, Nightlife, Shopping, Family, Services, etc., go here.

If you want to freak people out by showing them a bigger, whole-page photo of Jason Maddy and that octopus on top of the ice cream, go buy the print version. It’s out on newsstands.


  • Scott–DFW

    Striking photo.

  • Mr. Annonymous

    Here is when you know these results are bogus – Trinity Hall Best Sports Bar…..Have you ever been there to watch the Cowboys, or maybe catch the Rangers? You can’t because they have so few televisions, and they only broadcast soccer. Tried to catch baseball scores and they don’t have one tv with ESPN News streaming. I know soccer has a huge following, but no way can this even been considered a sports bar. Maybe Loudest Bar, Most Overpriced Bar…but NO WAY can this be he Best Sports Bar.

  • irodguy

    Well I can say that A Wok is tasty. Now the big question did you go to the bathroom? I did not understand what friends were saying until I did. Let’s just say that cleanliness is not their strong suit.