Cafe Brazil in Richardson Has a Sketch Artist

The Kute Koller family by Geoffrey Williams

Dan the Man Koller of People Newspapers showed me this sketch of his family this morning. He forgot to mention that he’s the big bald head in the middle, but this is what he’d like to share with the world for some good Monday morning cheer:

“This was drawn Saturday morning at the Cafe Brazil on Central Expressway in Richardson. The artist, whose name appears to be Geoffrey Williams based on his signature, is there every weekend, according to the waitstaff. He asks for tips only, but I had no cash on me. So he gave me the drawing and left, with no apparent hard feelings.

In case you care, that’s my father-in-law, Jerry Harbaugh, between me and my sons. Pretty good likeness of him too. My wife, Jessica, is enduring Aunt Jemima jokes on Facebook because Williams happened to draw us on a day she opted for a do-rag.”


  • Golfnfashion

    My girlfriend and I were at another restaurant in Richardson. This same artist walked up to our table and said he did a portrait of us while he waited for his food. He left the drawing and walked off so quickly we couldn’t give him anything. Its actually quite a nice picture.

  • Hiccup

    He drew me at Starbuck the other day. Pretty good. Wish I had done my hair/makeup…

  • Senor

    He’s been doing that for years. He sketched my lunch mates at the Richardson Cafe Brazil about five years ago.

  • Rick L.

    Just giving a shout out to my favorite O.C. expatriate in that ‘do rag.

    You can take the girl out of Oak Cliff, but …