Bobby Flay is Searching For the Best Home Cook in America

Hey Bobbbayyy

Are you the best home cook you know? Do you make your spaghetti sauce from real tomatoes instead of using Ragu’s fake meat junk? When you bring choco chip cookies to a pot luck, are yours the only ones made with all-purpose flour?

Eh, don’t even worry if your dinners are semi-homemade. As long as you have the hots for a certain red-headed chef named Bobby Flay and have the chops to get “thrown down,” maybe you should compete for Food Network’s newest show, America’s Best Home Cook. Your talent for adding crap loads of butter is a must, since this is America and we love obesity. Sign up as a team of two in this local casting call before Wednesday, August 1.

This could be you one day. (via

To apply for an interview, please email [email protected] with the following information:

  • Your name & the name of your teammate
  • Recent photos and short bios of you & your teammate (relationship, occupations, etc.)
  • Tell us why you are the best home cooks, please provide photos of your food
  • Tell us about the best parties you’ve thrown
  • Your contact information & current location