Something Wicked This Way Comes: Wicked Po’ Boys Opens Wednesday

Buckle up, Louisianians. Maybe you’ll finally get your po’ boy fix (cross your fingers) at the Wicked Po’ Boys opening to the public on 1811 Greenville Avenue this Wednesday, but it’s been open since last Thursday. Husband and wife team Joey Le and Lan Chi Le missed the distinct flavors of New Orleans so much they decided to hire Plan B Group and Gin Designs to help them come up with a solid concept.

Lan Chi Le says, “We felt that if we stayed true to the flavors of New Orleans, we would be doing something that Dallas would really embrace. We wanted to have a genuine and honest concept that would resonate here in our own city.”

Wicked Po’Boys menu includes a crawfish etoufee po’ boy, and other po’ boys stuffed with BBQ shrimp, fried shrimp and crispy soft shell crab recipes. The “Inland” selection of the menu includes creative po’boys such as tofu and roast beef and gravy.  And, of course, there’ll also be gumbo, crawfish etouffee, charred oysters, sides like Cajun house chips and dirty fries with roast beef, gravy and cheese.

Please don’t disappoint us, Wicked Po’ Boys. Dallas is counting on you to change our dry po’boy landscape.



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  • What about Antone’s?

  • primi timpano

    Will they have fried oyster poor boys? Who makes the bread?

  • yeah…um

    Got me all excited until I realized its 1811 NORTH Greenville…in Richardson.

  • LJT

    @yeah: I thought the same thing. Unless they plan to fly Leidenheimer French bread in daily from NOLA, it’s just another sandwich to me. Nothing compares to the crusty/chewy bread of NOLA.

  • Primi/Yeah…um/LJT – yes we have fried oyster po’boys. Our bread is baked fresh daily and is definitely worth a try.

  • You lost me at tofu po-boy

  • Jackie

    Wow! I’m excited about your place. I was born & raised in N.O. & also attended L.S.U.. We will definitely be dining there.

  • Amanda

    Can’t wait to try it, and I’m excited for all the great new places opening in Richardson!

  • twinwillow

    My lunch bunch are going Saturday. Report to follow.

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