The Tofu Po’ Boy From Wicked Po’ Boys is Wicked Good

Tofu po' boy (photos by Carol Shih)

Note: I cannot comment accurately on the bread due to timing miscalculations, which forced me to commit the ultimate po’ boy sin and order my sandwiches to-go.

I decided to make a trip to Richardson’s newly opened Wicked Po’ Boys since there was some skepticism in the comments section about the tofu po’ boy, and, as a huge tofu fan, I just had to see for myself what this po’ boy was all about. (See Facebook comments, too.) Even as I was munching on my tofu po’ boy, Bradford Pearson over on Park Cities People reached over for some of my gummy vitamins (don’t judge) and remarked, “Did you order the tofu po’ boy because there’s nothing else to order, or because there was no option to leave?”

There hasn’t been enough tofu po’ boy love on SideDish, so I’ve decided to make amends.

Jump if you can feel the love tonight.

Crawfish étouffée and fried crawfish po' boy

Tofu isn’t what you would normally put inside a sandwich, but Nammi does an amazing job of it. Wicked’s isn’t so shabby, either. In fact, the tofu po’ boy wasn’t as bland or tasteless as I would’ve expected. Chi Le, who owns Wicked Po’ Boy with her husband Joey, explains, “We season the tofu and then wrap it with tofu skin. The tofu skin is what’s keeping the tofu together and also seals in a lot of the flavor.  We wanted to do something different with good texture and taste other than just deep-frying the tofu.”

The po’ boy was also dressed with lettuce, mayo, and fresh tomatoes. It came with wicked cajun house chips, which are morsels of crunchy fried goodness. When I passed the chips around to my co-workers, they felt the exact same way. Wicked Po’ Boys makes some killer, killer chips.

I can’t comment too much on the bread or the crawfish étouffée and fried crawfish po’ boy (one of the signature menu items) because I was running late to a meeting, but I did find the massive filling inside the crawfish po’ boy to be a little salty. My friend who ordered it must’ve felt differently, because she sent me an email later on, saying, “I was surprised by how many chunks of seafood were actually in there. I’ll definitely be making a trip back next time I’m in Richardson!”