Somebody Help This Poor Man: Upscale Austin Eats

A man with a private chef is moving to Austin. He entertains a lot. In Dallas, they have he has a list of restaurants he uses for small-group dinners. Now he wants your advice on the best upscale restaurants in Austin. Here’s the deal:

I have a client who is a big foodie and is moving to Austin. While I will still serve them for their larger events as an off-premise caterer, I’m looking for some upscale restaurant suggestions for smaller groups of two to ten people.


  • cbs

    No question- Uchi –

  • bill holston

    Loved Parkside and Wink, both very good restaurants.

  • MM

    Congress and Perla’s

  • uptown

    uchiko, obviously

  • Kate

    Roaring Fork? Not upscale enough? I take lots of different groups there – social, business, etc.

  • MCB08

    If you are looking for a more vibrant and casual atmosphere, I’d suggest Uchiko and Uchi. If you want a more intimate dining experience, then absolutely Congress. Eddie V’s on 5th street is usually pretty hopping and imo, they have the best steaks in downtown.

  • really…no one has said vespaio?

    not white table cloth “fancy”, but dare i say better than anything italian in dallas without offending? i freaking LOVE that place.

  • other ideas (my austin knowledge is a few years old): dining room at the 4 seasons and driscoll, hudson’s on the bend.

  • DGirl

    I second Vespaio. Amazing. And Uchiko is great.

  • austinfoodie
  • Bruce

    La Condesa is pretty good too. Parkside for sure. South Congress Cafe was the best. Not so fancy but incredible food. Best quail dish I have eaten. Great wine list too

  • MCB08

    Vespaio is very good, but my memory is that they don’t take reservations and the wait is often an hour+ long. Definitely something I would be wary about.

  • JB

    Olivia- James Holmes

  • Food Girl

    Haddingtons…Barley Swine…Uchi…Congress Hotel….

  • matt

    olivia or barley swine. done and done

  • twinwillow

    Home Slice Pizza, Vespaio and, T&S Chinese Seafood for Sunday Dim Sum!

  • Brent D.

    Wow, he must have a great private chef to not ask his private chef for recommendations, yet defers to Sidedish. I’m calling bogus on this post.

  • higher education

    Hudson on the Bend, Uchi, South Congress Cafe, the Cafe side of Vespaio, Uchiko and that’s it, Eddie V’s for steak, the lounge is sexy old school steakhouse. Other than that enjoy the BBQ and P. Terry’s burgers.

  • primi timpano

    I would go to the Four Seasons. Fantastic menu, beautiful presentations, and very nice dining room and patio. It is often overlooked but it may have some of the best food in Austin.

  • Gloria’s Restaurants is a must if you love great Salvadorian food, and great margaritas.

  • Paggi House. Absolutely amazing food in an equally amazing setting.

  • Foodprick (love the name btw), agree on Paggi House. Perlas fish on the half shell is fantastic too.

  • acrow

    Paggi House