Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Venue for a Meeting/Happy Hour

I need your help. I’m planning a meeting for July 13. It’ll start around 3. We will have a lot of paperwork that we’ll be digging through, hashing out, and commenting on. We need a place that allows us to spread out our paper, talk without having to raise our voices over background noise, serves good drinks, serves food if the meeting goes that long, and doesn’t mind us sitting around for a few hours. I’d prefer something near downtown or Uptown.

Please help!


  • Carpe Diem

    The Commissary and Jorge’s both have private rooms that fit about 10 people that could be used.

  • chefjerimy

    The chesterfield sounds perfect there is a table that holds 10 to15 people and is perfect for spreading papers all over the place

  • The Time Out Tavern is usually quiet then and there are plenty of locals that deliver pizza, sandwiches etc. A lot of room to spread out and a great patio for smokers. Check for yourself.5101 West Lovers Lane 214-956-9552

  • elena34

    What about new The Place at Perry’s? Good lighting, great food and I think that there is a private room. Very upscale, but casual.

    Or you could go to the Mansion on Turtle Creek and everyone could spend a fortune!

  • Tr

    the Idle Rich has worked for us in similar situations … granted we’re a bunch of engineering nerds who love beer and the steak fries there. I could see Common Table also working out.

  • Karl

    The Spread Eagle Saloon on Elm has plenty of room for you to spread out. They’d probably play the music a little softer for you, too. And, you can’t beat the happy hour prices. They play a nice mix of music that includes alternative, some alternative 80s, and an occasional country song to boot. Ask Tim about the place – I saw him hanging out over there one day last week for a few hours.

  • Margaret

    I second the Place at Perry’s— one of the rooms.

  • BarGal

    Private | Social also has a private room, and does happy hour from 3pm to 7pm

  • stephen @ CC

    Company Cafe on the Trail

  • Matt

    I don’t think Idle Rich opens until 4 on Mondays – Thursdays.

    Go to The Common Table.

  • Beard

    YO Ranch in the West End. Very nice meeting room recessed in the back, away from the rest of the dining area. Drinks served, and the waitstaff is top notch. Very spacious (handles up to 50 people, I’d estimate) and quiet. Good food if you want it. Parkings a breeze, easy highway access. Ask for the owner, Tony.

  • Justin

    Marquee Grill & Bar in Highland Park Village would be perfect. Very cozy booths, great cocktails, lots of room to either spread out in the bar, or hide-away upstairs, and have some food and drinks and a private meeting… It’s also a great place to entertain clients, and is in a very centralized (and upscale) location…

  • mary

    I like the Marquee’s drinks, but the music is TOO LOUD. We asked, as we were the only ones in the bar save two people, that they turn down the music. The waitress said she couldn’t. As in, it wasn’t physically possible to turn down the music. She later surmised that while it might be possible, it wasn’t going to happen. She was all cheery when she said it, but it was quite a shock not to have this request honored given the circumstances. Save the Marquee for partying and go somewhere else for your meeting.

  • Primi timpano

    If this is a serious meeting, I suggest having it at your offices and having it catered with a staff available until the meeting is concluded. After the meeting you can go to a restaurant. The office will allow you privacy, access to support staff, and communications unavailable at restaurants.

    If you must pursue the dubious proposition of a restaurant meeting, you will want a private room. You will want services after normal serving hours. The only facilities I know that provide these facilities reliably are the major hotels: the Adolphus, Mansion, Crescent, and Fairmont come to mind. They will also have basic business services–fax, wifi, copiers, etc.

    If you must go to a restaurant to have a meeting, again,