Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Painkiller, a Drink That Cures All

Somehow I think after I lob this request out into cyberspace, it will be returned faster than an Andy Roddick ace to the deuce court. Advantage, bartenders: take your best shot.

I’ve noticed readers’ questions have been posted on the SideDish blog before. My turn to be annoying. Ever since my husband and I vacationed in the B.V.I. we’ve been searching Dallas bars that serve a Painkiller. It is a fruity (Birtish) rum drink with grated nutmeg on top. Have made it at home, but would be fun to find it at a restaurant/bar. Any ideas?


  • answer used to be Trader Vic’s at Palomar. our current cocktail culture doesn’t take tropical fruity drinks seriously. although it IS cool that bars all seem to have Dark & Stormy’s on the menu now made with legit ginger beer.

    Best painkiller ever is soggy dollar bar in Jost Van Dyke. I think that’s where they invented it, no?

    wherever anyone finds an answer, please add Bushwhacker to your list too.


    2 fluid ounces coffee flavored liqueur
    2 fluid ounces coconut rum
    2 fluid ounces Irish cream liqueur
    2 fluid ounces vodka
    2 fluid ounces amaretto liqueur
    2 fluid ounces cream of coconut
    1 pinch ground nutmeg

  • Erin Ahlfinger

    My first shot would be Black Swan Saloon in Deep Ellum. I know they have nutmeg, and craft cocktails are their thing. It’s worth at least a call.

  • Mike

    I just got back from St. John 3 days ago. When you find out where it’s offered, let me know. I highly enjoyed the one I had at the Soggy Dollar Bar in JVD.

  • Mike

    And yes, Jon, it was invented at the Soggy Dollar Bar. I bought some fresh nutmeg and a hand grater while I was there just so I could make it the same way myself.

  • Josh

    Whiskey Cake in Plano…ask for Anthony he is one of the best mixologist’s in the metroplex.

  • Gina

    Private Social makes them.

  • Jim

    It will not be the same unless your on the beach at Soggy Dollar. That recipe above has some extras…this is the real one.

    Dark Rum with 4 parts pineapple juice, 1 part cream of coconut and 1 part orange juice with fresh nutmeg on top.

  • Hey Hey! Painkiller is an amazing cocktail! I used to make them on Nantucket Island by the dozens. As Mike stated above it come from the Soggy Dollar in the BVI’s. Here is the mix:

    2 oz Pusser’s Rum
    1 oz Fresh Pineapple Juice
    .75 oz Orange Juice
    2 Heaps of coco lopez
    shake hard strain up is how I like them but it is great on the rock and the most important ingredient is the fresh grated nutmeg onto for garnish! One of my favs by far!

  • timmy

    It’s one of the signature drinks at all the local Cheddar’s.

  • Slappy Kielbasa


  • Ellen

    Great memories of Soggy Dollar. I came home with many of the plastic cups that have the recipe on them however some of the writing has rubbed off so don’t have a true recipe. Do you guys know for a fact that Chesterfield, Private Social and Whiskey Cake make them or are those guesses based on the great ‘mixologists’ at each bar?

  • Loves painkillers

    Lots of good ideas! Went to Private Social and the wonderful bartender made us something similar but did not have alkyl the ingredients. Delicious anyway.