Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Private Chef for Dinner Party

This nice man with a mind for wine and a bod for sin asks a tricky, and potentially expensive, question:

I am looking for a suggestion. My wife’s boss, the CFO of the company, has an upcoming 50th birthday. She would like to have a small, but upscale dinner party. Do you know of any up-and-coming chefs that do private events?  They are thinking along the lines of the chef preparing dinner and discussing his/her process and preparation as he/she cooks. There would probably be only six of us. Any suggestions you could make would be greatly appreciated.

If you are an interested chef, drop me an email and I will forward.


  • up and coming guy check it out

  • brad (no, not the brad)

    Nicole Van Camp. Exceptional food and reasonably priced. Had her do a dinner for 40 recently – lots of praise from the serious eaters in the group.

  • Our chef, Rosanne DiLeo would love this! You can see some of her special beer and cocktail dinners on our website at It would be a blast! He can email her at [email protected]

  • Chef DAT (David Anthony Temple) will do private dinners like this.

  • I’d love to hear more details about this dinner! I have a supper club in deep ellum where I serve a farm to table tasting menu a couple times a month, I also cater and private chef. Please contact me at [email protected] if you think I am a proper candidate for you. Thank you!

  • Bethany

    I second Chef DAT

  • Callie Salls is an awesome private chef in Fort Worth:

  • Jen Maki

    Nicole Van Camp. I have eaten her food at two dinner parties and the courses were all fabulous.

  • Gina

    libertine chick is frigging awesome at this. Choose her!

  • As a Chef Instructor and Private Chef , I would be honored to create a dinner and give a culinary training class to the birhtday recipient. I will donate ALL the proceeds to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Dallas.

    Executive Chef Johannes W. Pot
    “The Watched Pot”

  • I, too have eaten food from both Chef DAT and Chef Nicole. Either one would do an amazing job with this, as they do Pop Up Underground Dinners for a living so they are used to working in different kitchens and varied cooking environments.

    Chef Nicole’s food tends to focus more on locally sourced ingredients while Chef DAT does a lot of seafood, exotic ingredients and makes some amazing Cajun food (he is from Louisiana after all). Both make really beautiful and delicious food.

    No matter which direction you decide to go, your wife’s boss will be very impressed! Another nice benefit is they can create a menu to work around a price point that won’t break the bank.

    On another note, once you decide on the Chef and the menu, go talk to Neal or Harris at Pogo’s and they can make some nice recommendations for wine pairings to go with each course!

  • I would recommend Chef Scott at Flippin’ Out Crepes who used to be the personal chef for Tyson Chandler. He does personal catering, and I love the food he makes every time I go to Flippin’ Out. Here is info about his custom catering:

  • @ brad (no, not the brad), I am so sorry I brought you to this!

  • Paul Anthony at your service.Hope all is well in your community and that this summer brings an explosion of growth and recognition to our culture.I had been a Sous Chef in leading Dallas hotels for 5 years aspiring to make changes that would develop what I love most, great food;however ,as you may know,change can be difficult for many. Fear of the unknown,fear of a position eliminated or reduced hours due to efficiency will all cause resistance producing a uncomfortable work environment.I believe ,like people ,change requires support from a team of leaders who are in tune with the vision and have together created the implementation of a effective formula for proper role out .No associate is to be left behind.I believe that all employees should have a full understanding of what changes must take place and a playbook to abide by just like a professional sports club.It is in the best interest for them as many are in a great 401k package that is their money.I will build my business on these beliefs.

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    Thank you for your time .You are a great listener.Please visit us at the link below

    Chefs Regards-
    Paul Anthony
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    Associate Recognition Catering Alliance
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  • Jo Bennett

    I think I’d check out Chef Pot first…I like his direction!

  • Lgilmore
  • Ralph

    That comment from Paul Anthony is the weirdest thing i’ve read.

  • Mark

    That comment reminds me of some of the application/resume e-mails I get.

  • Primi timpano

    Call Sharon Hage