Somebody Help These Poor College Students: I-30 Dining

A very concerned sister is worried her younger sissy. She has a quandary. (No, it isn’t contagious.) Be nice:

I have a quandary I thought you might be able to ease.My sister is about to start college at TCU and is meeting her first roommate (well, besides her mom and dad) for the first time. They are looking for a place to meet for dinner that is in between Dallas and Fort Worth. She’s come to me for a recommendation but my usual arsenal of restaurants stay firmly at the bookends of both cities. I thought perhaps you, or a fellow Sidedisher, may have a recommendation for someplace in between. They are starting college, so price may be a constraint, but other than that there are really no restrictions.

Dequandrafy her.


  • Scott–DFW

    Babe’s (on Center at Division).

  • Ellen

    J Gilligan’s on Abrams and Mary Street—just a few blocks from I-30—Order the Irish Nachos to share—yum!
    Fuzzy’s Taco on Abrams—next door to J Gilligans
    Twisted Root on Abrams—just down the street from J Gilligan’s
    Flying Fish on abrams—2 doors down from Twisted Root

  • Ardy

    Just have whoever is driving from Ft. Worth go a couple extra minutes and eat at Smoke. Or if you need cheaper or more casual, head to the Bishop Arts.

  • Shane

    Olenjacks Grill or Pappasito’s (both in Arlington near I-30 and Collins)…

  • StephanieF

    Tom’s Burgers & Grill in Arlington at I-30 and Cooper. Inexpensive, tasty, and more importantly, easy to locate from the highway.

  • Lori R

    On the Border – I-30 and Ballpark Way, Arlington. You can’t get more inbetween than that.

  • Rebross

    Olenjacks, Midori Sushi, Hot Bowl, El Gabacho, Mellow Mushroom, Twisted Root, Potager, Sprouts Springroll, Crossroads Barbeque.

  • Christopher

    Ask her roomate to show your sister a Ft. Worth spot…it’s 30 minutes out of her way and she made the terrible decision to live over there in the first place. SMU ’06.

  • ATK

    I agree with Shane. Olenjacks Grill in Lincoln Square…’s delish and like nothing else in the DFW area.

  • Olenjack’s for sure.