Restaurant Scam Alert: Order Needed For Pick Up

I can’t believe anyone would fall for this, but I’m throwing it out there just in case someone is tempted to believe this is real. The email address is [email protected]. I’m pretty sure those guys at Bolsa type better than this and they don’t know what Skype is.

Hello how are you doing today,My Name is Mrs Candy Moore , I will like to make an Order for Chicken Salad  OR  Sandwiches   to feed 150 people is needed on the  15th JUNE is for my Mothers Birthday Party ,and it will be pick up 3pm on the event date Go ahead and get me the Total cost now..And also i want you to get back to me  with your Information such as Full Name ,Restaurant Address and Phone Number or Cellphone Number so that i can text you as well …so that i can have it forward to the Private Carrier that will be coming with there Cold and Warmer Truck to pick up the Order …You can also talk to me on my Skpe … enrique.martinez310

Can anyone provide enlightenment on how this would ever work? I don’t get it.


  • Scott–DFW

    The way it is supposed to work: (1) scammer makes a large reservation; (2) to hold the reservation, scammer prepays with a stolen credit card number; then (3) before the card holder becomes aware of the charge, scammer cancels the reservation and has the restaurant refund the prepayment.

  • Amy S

    And the credit card companies will hold the restaurant responsible for the charge since a card was never actually “swiped”.

    I love these things. They let me express my inner rage with a few spicy comments back.

  • what scott said. your taxdollars at work – a national telephone network for the dumb/deaf that is ONLY used by scammers. and the operators, even though they know they are being used for a scam., by law can’t do anything about it.

  • PS – to restaraunteurs – the key way to know you are being scammed is when they don’t care about what they are ordering. everytime they say “oh just send me $1000 worth of seafood. we aren’t picky”

    show me a client spending $1k who isn’t picky and it will be the first one i’ve ever seen.

  • Ann

    I’ve gotten many of these emails in my personal spam box. I couldn’t figure out why they thought I had a restaurant – I think they are sent out en masse, in hope of snagging one naive restaurant owner. They always have a similar message.


    We actually received an almost identical email. We ended up just laughing it off but scary to think it could actually work on someone.

  • Jaretzy

    They called Mesa a couple of days ago doing this.

  • Sparky

    I was confused until I read — the scammer will ask that you over-charge “his” card and wire that money via Western Union to a “delivery company,” which is obviously him.

  • KG

    This has been happening for years, it’s such a bad scam!

  • B

    They’ve done it to all businesses…. An art gallery, a florist, event venues… Bastards.

  • Lauren

    they do the same thing with residential rentals…try to overpay the rent (with a bogus cashier’s check or money order) and want it returned to them in cash. i think not.