Nothing To Do With Dining Unless You Were Eating While You Were Watching “Dallas: The Next Generation” Last Night

Now he can go home.

I’m sure the web editors will take this post down as soon as I turn my back, but I can’t help myself. While we have the space, let’s talk.

Last night I chomped on one of Papa Murphy’s pizzas as I attempted to watch Dallas: The Next Generation on TNT. I lasted 20 minutes. I’ve seen some horrible television, but last night’s show was eye vomit. It took this city 20 years to get over the stereotypical characters in the original show. Please tell me TNT pulls the plug before we have to go another 20 to prove that we don’t drill oil wells in the Dallas area without the owner of the land knowing about it?


  • Jocko

    You are so right! The show is horrible and represents nothing of what Dallas is today (a sprawling urban and suburban center) I have never seen an oil well in Dallas! Love Papa Murphy’s too by the way.

    The old show had it’s charm in it’s time. Maybe they should call it “Odessa” or “Amarillo”

  • Oh, Nancy. You should’ve stuck it out. The first 20 minutes were exactly how you say, but then… well, it could just be the scheming overwhelmed any upset I had and I became hooked. Maybe it was because JR has the eyebrows of my late grandfather. Today, I’m half-ashamed, half-pleased with my commitment.

    Was Bobby always so clueless?

  • bluebird

    you could make a case for this being dining-related by mentioning the starring presence of Cedars Social, which is all i was looking at during the over-emoted scene between the one young guy and the other young guy. huzzah Cedars Social

  • KerryDP

    Its fiction people. Fiction. Just like there was no ‘rock-n-roll’ playing on any juke box on lower Greenville in the early 60’s and [email protected] Hines is not 3 miles from the School Book Depository a la Steven King. Fiction people.

  • Mike

    All the debate over the 6 season incentives looks pretty funny now.

  • FarmerGirl

    Crack up.

  • Gristle

    “Dallas” sucked? Were you really expecting “The King’s Speech?”

    Haven’t pulled the trigger on Papa Murphy’s. Any recommendations when placing my virgin order?

  • LJT

    I believe the term is “suspension of disbelief”. If folks can’t discern the difference between fiction and reality, bad on them. I thought it was fun but then again…

    I got a ranch in downtown Dallas,
    Buy diamonds by the ton.
    Chase cuties in my Cadillac,
    Drill oil wells just for fun.

    Remember that?? Ha ha