• downtown_worker

    No clue. Nodding Donkey at the BLVD?

  • Brandon Reininger


  • Greg

    Neighborhood Services Tavern

  • acrow

    Katy Trail Ice House

  • rdot

    Chicken Scratch? or somewhere in Bishop Arts?

  • JT

    the “new” Off-Site Kitchen in the NHS Tavern space?

  • GreenTexan

    Jack Mac’s Swill & Grill

  • bc

    Ten Bells?

  • Mike Ramsey

    Don’t tell the TABC.

    Illegal outdoor advertising includes signs with:
    • brand names
    • prices
    • lettering more than 12″ in height
    • statements influencing a customer’s decision to
    purchase an alcoholic beverage. For example, “Cold
    Beer” or “Coldest Beer in Town.”

  • Monica

    Good point Mike, but she said it was going INSIDE a local restaurant.

  • Richard

    Twisted Root?

  • SH


  • It’s going inside a restaurant. nobody has the name right….we’ll continue tomorrow.

  • Mike

    Is the restaurant existing or new?

  • critic

    Inside Stephen Pyles new restaurant- Stampede

  • Stacy

    Acme F&B?

  • Susan K

    Definitely In-n-Out Burger. The restaurant whose ad budget keeps on giving.

  • Sarah

    The new NHS Tavern on Henderson.

  • LJT


  • B

    I agree NHS Tavern

  • KMR

    Katy Trail Ice House

  • somebody is close…..

  • LJT

    Lockhart Smokehouse?

  • Chris

    Spoon Bar

  • B

    I’m sure it’s the Tavern but will it reopen as the Tavern… Nancy?

  • Lori R


  • Lori

    Bandito Tex-Mex Ice House.

  • LJT

    I thought NHS Tavern was to reopen as a second Off Site Kitchen? Do I win?

  • NHS Tavern will not reopen as NHS Tavern.AND it will not be Off-Site Kitchen. However, this sign will be in that space.

  • InsideEdition

    Steven Doyle reports it is a second location of Off-Site Kitchen.

  • Mark

    Darn. I was going to guess the re-opened It’ll Do Club

  • bill

    Monica’s Nueva Cocina

  • Steve Sandwich

    Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grille.

  • LJT

    Okay, NN – keep the candle and just tell us who it is.

  • Chris – it will not be going in Spoon, although we will have Cold Liquor & Beer. =)

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