New Review: Sissy’s Southern Kitchen & Bar in Dallas

(left to right) Sissy’s downhome decor; chocolate cake; Lisa Garza and Jeffery Hobbs. (Photography by Kevin Marple)

When Lisa Garza started working as a hostess at La Hacienda Ranch, in Frisco, she was a skinny, hyperactive 17-year-old senior at Frisco High School. The year was 1994. Barely 7,000 people lived in the area, and, to Garza, it seemed every one of them turned up every night to wait two hours for a table. Dressed in skintight Wranglers, a button-down white shirt, and a red bandana tied around her neck, Garza alone juggled the rowdy crowds. She played it tough with those who’d been overserved, and she made sure babies got high chairs. “This was before OpenTable or computers,” Garza says. “It was crazy. I learned how to deal with all kinds of people. It was my trial by fire.”

By 2008, Garza would probably have been happy to jump back into that fire, after she appeared as a contestant on the fourth season of The Next Food Network Star. For nine hour-long episodes, Garza was boiled alive in front of a national television audience. Few sympathized with her “culinary point of view,” which included “hugging the homeless,” “educating children on nutrition,” and “making high-dollar presentations on a budget.” She toiled in industrial kitchens wearing pearls and designer clothes, her hair cut in a stylish bob. Her competitors called her a diva. Her comeback? “Divas have hearts, too. Big ones.”

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  • Amy S

    This makes me very happy. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

  • Rocky

    I am so happy to read a restaurant story about a passionate, carring, and not to leave out beautiful, culinarian”ess”. And big props to Mr Hobbs! I am so happy for you two and cannot wait to try your restaurant. Well it sounds like everyone has to wait to get a seat. I won’t mind a bit! Now I need to arange a babysitter for date night and get my turn at some yummy Sissy’s chicken. Big Big congrats!

  • Fyfish

    I agree with almost all that Nancy wrote about Sissy’s. Recently four us dined for the first time and came away very impressed overall. The chicken, shrimp and grits and the salads were excellent. I disagree with Nancy though, the pork chop was dry and tough. I would not order it again. The salad portions are also a bit on the “small” side, but we had four different salads and all were delicious. The placed was “packed”. Lisa may want to invest in a little more air conditioning as it was warm and muggy inside…..not that appetizing when eating Southern comfort food. We loved the desserts and the biscuits! Other than the tough pork chop, small salad portions, our only other slightly negative comment would be the wine list……standard (Glazers or Republic) and unimaginative. The bartender…….did not catch his name……was fantastic and very warm and friendly…..a trait perhaps Lisa’s ex-husband should learn at Suze! Congratulations Lisa.

  • ChickOle

    Really nice review. Enjoyed reading it. It makeshift want to eat there but I bet it is crowded all the time. Good luck.