• Josh

    Ate at Fritzl’s in Rowlett this weekend. I know, I know who go all the way to Rowlett to eat. This place is awesome and they have DAS BOOT! One of the best German restaurants I’ve ever been to. They make 2 different types of schnapps & 1 is 120 proof. Get off your butt & check this place out!

  • Jerome

    Hutchins BBQ McKinney…awesome BBQ and atmoshphere.

  • Urbano. Fresh and great as always.

  • alyb803

    Friday night we had dinner at ACME F+B. Had previously been there for (outstanding) apps and cocktails. Dinner was outstanding. Apps: West Coast oysters (yep, you read that right), crab gratin w/ grapefruit and steak tartare. Dinner: chicken and dumplings (perfectly cooked roasted chicken w/ gnocchi), skate with green garbanzo beans and a bunch of other spring veg yuminess. My friend’s husband ordered a steak that was gone so quickly I had no opportunity to taste it, but am told it was outstanding. Bread pudding dessert was wonderful (and I’m not a dessert person). Very good list of wines by the glass. Decor is gorgeous and service was spot on. Go there. SOON!

  • Gipson

    Checked out Wicked Po’Boys in Richardson.

    Already planning a return visit for next week, so I think that says it all right there. Got the Crawfish Etouffee and Fried Crawfish Po’Boy, no lettuce, and loved every rich, sloppy bite. I think the stew could maybe use a little more salt, and a generous few dashes of hot sauce added some needed zing, but really that’s a preference thing. Overall the sandwich was tasty and satisfying.

    It comes with homemade Cajun potato chips, which reminded me of Zapps Cajun Craw-taters, only better. An excellent side and a surprising inclusion, given the price. I would have expected to have to pay separate for the side.

    The space is nice but super cramped. It felt a little hectic getting around when the restaurant is half-full, so I can’t imagine the place during a packed lunch rush. It’ll be a mess (and worth it).

  • Tr

    Turkish markets sell spices by the scoop from huge mounds. Still its been rare in Dallas Turkish restaurants to taste the nuances of spices in the food. I had a marvelous lunch at Pera (Preston, just north of Campbell) that offered a flavorful exception. Nice, modest decor, good prices … I’ll have to figure out an excuse for another visit.

    Sundown — continues to be awesome … makes you want to be a vegetarian

  • Swilson

    Went to ACME f&b, it was all very good and rage service was great also. The King Salmon was one of the best things. We will be back

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