• Epifanio

    R+D cafe – over rated, over priced, over popular. They dramatically increased the price of the Dip Duo (price gouge!) and added two orders of fries to our order at $4 each. The menu is boring and pedestrian. The food is OK but not worth the price. It’s Houston’s all over again – arrogant and mediocre but they pack ’em in. I don’t get it.

  • I heard R+D is so crowded that no one goes there anymore.

    Went to Sissy’s with a couple friends – had a great experience last time… not so much this time. The Chicken Fried Steak was completely flavorless even with smothering it with gravy. I will just stick to the fried chicken next time.

    Chic-fil-a wasn’t open on Sunday. I was disappointed.

  • Vwgirl

    Carbone’s for dinner. The food was fantastic although I found the pasta selection limited. Service and atmosphere was delightful. We will definitely be back.

    Also went to Liberty Burger – love the Chillerno burger and I appreciate the no drama seating!

  • Golfnfashion

    Campo Modern. A simple menu. Relaxed (in a good way) service. Well-priced. A place to return as the menu changes.

  • VM

    Olivellas for pizza Wednesday at 6:30, hello broken windshield and hail damage. However nothing like my friend who was at Ali Baba at the same time. Car pretty much destroyed. Olivellas is no Cane Rosso but along with Taco Joint the intersection of Mockingbird and Abrams is looking up.

  • Beda

    VM, I went to Ali Baba for lunch on Thursday and the parking lot was a disaster zone, what with all the broken windshields and dented cars. It was incredible.

  • Cassi

    Hubby and I were excited to walk into a little shop called Patina Green Home and Market on the square in McKinney Texas. Absolutely adorable little shabby chic shop with a little lunch counter with the freshest local ingredients. Community seating- waygu quesadilla with homemade salsa, a broccoli soup so fresh i am craving it now, a gourmet grilled cheese with insanely delicious produce, a spinach salad with a lime vinaigrette sprinkled purple hull peas, a beet and goat cheese salad- and homemade Cookies chocolates to end the meal… Also a little food Market with fresh milk and eggs- this place was a nice surprise.

  • Beard

    Finally tried Mooyah on Friday (so much for upscale dining). You know, the place that yells out “Mooyah” when you walk in, like you’re Norm from Cheers.

    Good burger, but not an EP (Epiphany Burger) like Angry Dog. Very good potatoey-tasting fries. True winner is the shake, which is not only made from real ice cream, it tastes like it as well. Little pricey for a burger meal…$40 for 3 people. They do yell “thank you” as you leave, though, so there’s that.

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