Chef Julian Barsotti Makes Some Big Changes at Carbone’s in Dallas

Julian Barsotti

After six weeks chef Julian Barsotti is making some changes to Carbone’s, his Italian-American Deli. Most of you know, it’s not unusual for any new business to bend and stretch original plans once customer feedback starts pouring in. Barsotti is dedicating to improving. “In the first few weeks we were figuring out our identity and it drove me crazy because we didn’t have a clear concept to evolve within,” Barsotti said. “Now I have clear vision and I am excited about how we can deliver hospitality and create delicious Italian American food. I also learned that working in a set menu format is contrary to my ingrained cooking philosophy.”

Some of Barsotti’s new plans call for more Texas produce, a menu that will change with the seasons, lower prices on dried pasta ($8), and increased the size and filling of pasta ratio in their raviolini. “I am making and effort to source more American artisan dry goods for the market component,” Barsotti said. “I recently sourced heirloom dried runner cannellini beans for retail sale.” He also says: “We are putting up a bunch of salumi and will have some unique salames at both restaurants in the near future. Stuff like cresponi, felino, fegatino and hunters loop that you rarely see outside of Italy.”

His also altered the deli’s concept:

We will keep our counter service model during lunch and serve a menu that consists of sandwiches, salads, and soups. We may add a few pastas in the future. I have changed dinner to table service. First come, first served. From 2:30 to 5:30 there is a limited menu in addition to the market items. On Sunday we open at 10:00 and will serve brunch until 2:00. Sunday dinner, the family style tasting menu, will start at 5:30. We will take reservations for that dinner and the cost will be $45 or $50 depending on the menu. All menus are available to view on the website.


  • Hmm, I likes. And given the neighborhood, of which I’m fond of since I live just around the way, I like that Julian is listening to his patrons. He approached me himself the first time I walked into Carbone’s, and explained that they were working out the kinks and he welcomed any input. I thought that was a nice gesture. I want to see them succeed, I want to see more food and artisan grocery type businesses go into that shopping center.

  • Amy S

    It’s very pretty. And clean. I felt bad taking a couple bags of pasta off the shelves and disrupting the display.

    Their 1/4 sheet price on their frozen lasagna seemed pretty reasonable @ $30, looked like it would feed 6-8 people. I expected more grocery product – and would have spent more. It’s easy to say “stock the unusual”, but it’s also not my money at risk on the inventory.

    I hope Julian does bring in more dry good items, and makes use of all that great shelf space. And I while I realize that he is trying to do all “house made” fresh, it doesn’t mean the market portion couldn’t sell the crap out of some of other cheesemaker or bakery’s products alongside his own.

    I agree with Food*Sparks, this is a welcome addition to the area.

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  • We took my mom to lunch there yesterday for her birthday – had great meatball subs, mozz and heirloom salads and lots more. Every meal we’ve had has been excellent and the pasta/sauce combos are such a great way to eat quality italian at home.

  • milkandcookies

    Yep Julian knows tinkering is necessary. Glad for
    table service. We decided on a glass of wine
    after dinner was served but then one of us would
    have to leave the table and stand in line to pay.
    The line was long and slow moving.
    No thanks on that.
    I hope he gives up his concept of all American wine too. Crossing my fingers on that one.

  • aaa

    I was in for the first time a few weeks ago for lunch. I had the antipasti salad for lunch which was delicious…but for $9, I was expecting an entree salad. Certainly not the side salad which came to the table. My dining companion ordered it as well and they brought it to the table nearly ten minutes after mine (and we ordered at the same time) boxed up to go. They very kindly took it to the back and brought it out on a plate, but the portion turned out to be even smaller than mine. I hope somebody has given this feedback as the salad was wonderful…

  • As long as he keeps the meatball hero around I’ll be happy. I would love to see some Texas produce in the store – even just some tomatoes and basil, so when I pick up my mozzarella I don’t have to make an extra stop.

    Overall, I love this place.

  • I came for lunch, to order pasta, I make sandwiches at home. No pasta, I left and went to Patriizio’s for pasta instead. Big mistake, not to serve pasta dishes at lunch.