Trader Joe’s Second Dallas Location to Open at North Central Expressway and Walnut Hill

from Provident Realty Advisors

The DMN reports that Trader Joe’s is planning to open a second location in Dallas on the corner of North Central Expressway and Walnut Hill Lane. It’s set to open next year in a 14,000-square-foot store once construction begins late this year or early 2013. This means that in a year (if all goes well), I will be able to buy my precious Trader Joe’s Cat Cookies (the ginger flavor is the snappiest) at not one, but two locations in Dallas. Those cookies are extremely addicting, and a tub always disappears quickly when it’s around me because I snarf them down without even realizing.

Liz Johnstone is just as gleefully excited, since she has a thing for Gummy Tummies – these little penguin characters with fruit juice that bursts from their belly pouches. Talking about Trader Joe’s snacks makes me want to pick up a construction tool and start working on that building myself so it’ll be ready sooner.

Who else has a particular Trader Joe’s food they dearly love? Share your wealth of knowledge below. Let’s plan our grocery list before the Plano store opens later this summer.


  • Joannah Ganz

    Being a vegetarian in steak obsessed Texas is just no fun! Always having lived in health conscious places before moving here made it quite a shock how difficult it is to get farmers market quality produce without paying overpriced Whole Foods/Central market prices. Sprouts and Newflower have definitely helped the issue but I cannot wait for access to Trader Joe’s veggie meat options- so yummy, chock full of protein and well priced, their lovely ginger almond oatmeal exfoliating soap- a huge chunk of bar soap for $3 and their produce…

  • Phil

    Slightly off topic, but have you guys heard anything about the Whole Foods that was supposed to open up Addison?

  • Kate

    I love their S’mores Graham cracker base, marshmallow square, covered in chocolate. My toddler (and husband) love their mini dried Ravioli. As big as your thumb nail. Perfect for little hands and palates.

  • Ella

    Love the All-In-One Facial Cleanser, only $5.99. Has more antioxidants than the expensive cleanser I used to buy. I seriously have never disliked anything from that store, it was made for me!

  • Russell

    Love to hear an update on the status of the Greenville Avenue location. Deathly silence and not a stone turned. Have they quietly decided otherwise, given Walmart’s Neighborhood?

  • twinwillow

    Russell, they’re digging dirt on Lower Greenville as we speak. Can’t wait for them to open!

  • DTD

    I love their Fresh Whole Wheat Pizza Dough!! And their 3 Year Aged Vermont Cheddar. Their Lemon Sorbets are delicious along with their peanut butter and chocolate covered pretzels. Oh great I am gonna get fat again!!! LOL!!!

  • JK

    I was at one in CA the other day and picked up some dark chocolate-covered pretzel chips. Perfection.

  • 214holly

    Their cookie butter, like peanut butter, but made of ginger cookies. Amazing to eat straight out of the jar.

  • @214holly – never had it, but sounds like something that will change my life.

  • Kim V

    Pineapple Chips (Freeze dried) are awesome and also their Spicy Mango sliced as well, woo hoo!!! can not wait!

  • Liz G.

    Marcona almonds (decently priced!), chicken & veggie potstickers, Tempting trail mix, gluten free ginger snaps – and always SOMETHING from the “What’s New!?”and display …

  • Catherine W.

    Their mini chocolate peanut butter cups and sea salt and turbinado sugar chocolate almonds. Yummy. You tell me when and where and I am there with my hard hat to move this construction along.

  • Let’s see, their:

    rosemary & sea salt marcona almonds
    pirate’s booty – has a new name now, but it’s the bag of white cheddar puffs – to DIE!
    chocolate croissants – in the frozen section
    $3 buck chuck
    bruschetta topping
    olive tapanade
    lavash flatbread
    peanut butter filled pretzel bites
    sesame coated almonds

    I could go on…but it looks like I’m going to have a few new favorites based on what I’ve read in the comments above!

  • @Catherine: Maybe I should organize a “Trader Joe’s Construction Work Day” for people like us

  • Rose

    Their madagascar vanilla cupcake mix is divine.


  • Missy

    Can anyone tell me when the TJs in Plano is scheduled to open? It’s right around the corner from me and the anticipation is killing me!

  • Isabel

    Absolutely LOVE TJ’s pita chips. Best pita chips. I still have my family ship me some from CA every few months, and I stock up everytime I go home for a visit. But I am beyond excited at having Trader Joe’s here. My life will be complete then.

  • Ugg. Literally one street down from my “old house” off of the Expy – but after the baby came we moved to the ‘burbs……so McKinney is a bit far for a regular drive to this Trader Joe’s. Argggggg.

  • Priscilla

    Love the almond meal for baked salmon or talapia. Yumm. Used to stock up when I went to California. So excited to have Trader Joe’s in Dallas!