TJ’s Seafood Market to Open a Second Location in the Shops at Highland Park

Jon Alexis: The Pied Piper of Seafood.

TJ’s Seafood Market, the fish-and-more-and-beyond shop in Preston Forest, is adding a second location next door to Julian Barsotti’s recently opened Carbone’s in the Shops at Highland Park. Jon Alexis, the king salmon of the family-run business says there will be no changes to the original market which has been open since 1989. The new space will offer daily specials of fresh seafood dishes and tables and chairs for 24 diners.  “For the last 3 years we’ve visited seafood markets from coast to coast and cherry picking our favorite ideas,” Alexis says. “We will operate like they do on the coasts:  If you ask for 2 servings of grilled Bay Of Fundy salmon, you’ll see the salmon taken out of the case and eat it (along with two sides) 10 min later.”

Alexis is out to break consumer’s assumptions that Monday’s fresh raw fish is Wednesday’s blue plate special. “At TJ’s, the fish case is the menu. You will get the same fresh fish served at the best chef-driven fine dining restaurants in Dallas,” Alexis said. “ We’ll prepare authentic, classic, “fish-driven” preparations: ceviches, sashimi, raw oysters, fish tacos, soups and stews, boiled and steamed shellfish,  and lots of regional, healthy fish.” And you can eat all of it in your flip flops.

“Italian markets and seafood markets are common neighbors in other cities,” Alexis said. “Julian and I are already discussing ways to partner and provide a truly unique shopping experience.” The opening date is targeted for Oct 1. The address is 4212 Oak Lawn Avenue.


  • m

    Raw cherrystone clams that you will shuck so I can eat them onsite? Please say yes.

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  • DrinksOnMe

    Fabulous news.

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  • PF

    Good news.

  • SeeFood

    Love it. I live right around the corner. Great news. Wow. And parking!

  • Bran

    Good god, I love TJ’s. I could go on a big, long spiel. But I am glad we have people like that, running a place like TJ’s here in Dallas. Thank you.

  • RD

    AWESOME news!!!! TJ’s has been a staple at our family’s table for years….can’t wait to try their amazing recipes in their new location. Dallas is long overdue for a casual, approachable, top quality seafood experience — way to go TJs!!!

  • davis

    Awesome news for HP and Oak Lawn!

  • twinwillow

    Great news! I love TJ’s but their Preston Forest store is not very convenient for me. Now, I’ll only be a few blocks away. And, being next to Carbones is a big plus.

  • twinwillow

    Jon, please don’t forget to include lobster rolls and fried clams!

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    I’m slightly confused …is it a fish market and a restaurant or just a restaurant ?

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    SO EXCITED!!! Can’t wait ;~)