Seeds of Africa Dinner Hosted By Bolsa Mercado

Founder Atti Worku (left); Chocolate pudding cake with coffee ice cream (right) photos by Desiree Espada

Last night, Bolsa Mercado transformed into a delightful backdrop, playing host to founder Atti Worku and her non-profit, Seeds of Africa – an organization that provides a nurturing, educational community for young children and young adults in Adama, Ethiopia. Chef Jeff Harris prepared a four-course menu to approximately 60 Seeds supporters as I, an invited guest, witnessed this NYC-based non-profit introduce itself to Dallas.

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Ricotta cavatelli with English peas, sweet corn, smoked tomato, and pea tendrils

While Worku was growing up in Ethiopia, she made the precocious connection at the early age of 10 or 11 that not all children had the option of attending school. This realization stuck with her into her adult days as a Dallas resident, spurring the young former Miss Ethiopia to start Seeds of Africa and do her part to fight the vicious cycle of poverty in her country. So far, Worku’s efforts are paying off. Seeds has carried out its mission statement with full force. In Ethiopia, it established a preschool program with 50 students where it provides educational services, uniforms, and anything else a child needs to attend school. This all-encompassing service ensures a better opportunity for the younger Ethiopian generations.

“Children will grow up to be whatever they want to be, and I believe all children deserve that,” says Worku.

Bolsa (left); dinner party guests (right)

Noura Liben and Samira Abderahman (left); decor (right)