Pizza Patron, Rethink Your Marketing Campaign, Por Favor

It hurts me to report this, because I do find myself at Pizza Patrón on some occasions, excited to hand over a $10 bill in exchange for cinnamon churros and greasy, greasy pizza – pizza so bad that it tastes good.  But I think we can all agree that Pizza Patrón is being a nincompoop about its latest promotion that the pizza chain just announced. According to the press release, if you order in Spanish between 5 and 8 p.m. on June 5, you can receive a free large pepperoni pizza while supplies last. I’m all for the promotion of our immigrant communities and celebrating their positive force of change, but there has to be a better way to do it than this weird publicity stunt that’s given non-Spanish speakers a platform to complain. This free pizza exchange has already prompted a lot of crazies to reinforce their ideas that we should be speaking English in this country in public places at all times. (To which I politely reply: No. Thank. You.)

Jump for the entire press release.

Pizza Gratis en Dallas si ordenas en español el cinco de Junio

If you can’t read this, ask the Hispanic next to you!

DALLAS – May 22, 2012 – Hot, fresh and free pizza is coming to Dallas! On Tuesday, June 5th from 5pm to 8pm, Pizza Patrón is launching its PIZZA POR FAVOR™ event at restaurants nationwide.  Every customer that orders in Spanish will receive a free large pepperoni pizza, which is the company’s top-selling product.  Free pizzas are limited to one per customer between 5pm and 8pm, at participating locations, while supplies last.

“Spanish is the language that is the common bond that unites all Hispanics and we want to celebrate this in a fun way,” said Edgar Padilla, Dallas Pizza Patrón franchisee.

PIZZA POR FAVOR™ is the first of three 2012 campaigns the company has planned to celebrate the brand’s Hispanic focus and honor the positive force of change immigrants have made in communities throughout America.

“Free product promotions have been around for a long time,” said Andrew Gamm, brand director for Pizza Patrón, “but I’ve never heard of any company rewarding guests for speaking Spanish.  For us, PIZZA POR FAVOR™ makes great business sense – it is an opportunity for us to strengthen the relationship we have with our core customer.”

Collateral materials for the promotion feature the word PIZZA spelled with a “C” resulting in text that reads PICZA POR FAVOR™ (pronounced “PEEK-ZA”).  Company officials say many of Pizza Patrón’s corporate staff members pronounce words like PIZZA as PICZA or PEPSI as PECSI.

“Nearly half of our corporate staff says PICZA (“PEEK-ZA”) instead of PIZZA,” says Gamm.  “And when we dug a little deeper, we soon realized that a good number of our Hispanic customers also say PICZA (“PEEK-ZA”) too.  We thought it would be fun to incorporate that cultural component into the campaign.”

Pizza Patrón gained notoriety in 2007 when company executives received threats over its PIZZA POR PESOS® program – the decision to accept Mexican pesos at all of its U.S. locations.  The company continues to accept Mexican pesos (bills only) as a form of payment, providing change in U.S. dollars.

Pizza Patrón is headquartered in Dallas with 104 locations in 7 states and more than 80 under development.  Franchise opportunities, offering a proven system for hard-working franchisee candidates, are available in prime Hispanic markets throughout the country.

A typical Pizza Patrón is a carry out location, located in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood, with a footprint of about 1,200 square feet. Pizza Patrón also has branded restaurant models for any real estate option including inline drive-thru, dine-in or carry out models as well as non-traditional sites like airports and campuses.

Pizza Patrón units require an all-in investment of $199,300 to $464,000 per store with a franchise fee of $20,000.

About Pizza Patrón

Since 1986, Pizza Patrón has been committed to making its promise of “Más Pizza. Menos Dinero.®” a reality for every customer.  From the beginning, the brand has been recognized for its ‘fresh-dough’ pizza, its low prices and its trademark “friendly, bicultural service.”  In 2007, the company drew international media attention when it decided to accept Mexican Pesos at all of its restaurants, gaining over 500 million media impressions in the U.S. alone.  Today, Pizza Patrón is the nation’s premier Latino pizza brand and remains dedicated to bringing its unique experience to life with every pizza made, and in every community it serves.

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  • Blake

    So in other words, give into the crazies.

    No. Thank. You.

  • Tom

    Sounds more like free publicity/media coverage than controversy. TIME magazine used it last week.

  • Cody

    This is ridiculous. I hope it fails miserably. If they want to accept dineros (1997 timeframe) and have customers order in Spanish…adios to Mexico you go. Your “peek-za” sucks any how.

  • Cody


  • LJT

    “Dineros” Cody? Umm…their currency is called a peso, and I for one thought it was great that I could use some leftover pesos from a trip to Mexico!
    Is this really so bad??? What if Bavarian Grill in Plano had a promotion offering a free beer if you said “Ein bier, bitte.” Would it garner the same outrage? Get over it folks!

  • Martin

    Sorry, this is a business, not a public place. Strange that the same people who are so pro-business completely lose it when a business does something that goes against their social/cultural believes.

    Also, it seems like a very successful campaign to me. Everyone is talking about it and the people who are mad wouldn’t have gone to Pizza Patron anyway.

  • LJT

    And to the writer…you call them nincompoops for this promotion but then you say you don’t want to be one of the crazies who think it’s horrible to speak another language in America. I’m confused.

  • This promotion is giving the crazies something to speak out against, and I’d rather not give them that chance at all.

  • Brandy

    @LGT Nail on head!

  • Darren

    Then, Carol, you should not have blogged about it, tweeted it, and have Nancy post it to her Facebook.

  • LJT

    Carol, then you should speak even louder in defense of Pizza Patron, not belittle them as nincompoops for fear of pissing off the crazies.

  • Would the same vitriol be hurled at a cafe that gave customers who ordered in French a free crepe? Or more interestingly, would it be acceptable if instead of Pizza Patron, a Mexican restaurant was offering the promotion?

  • Pienso que es todo loco y yo nunca ordenaría una pizza en español. Quizá un taco pero no una pizza. Hablo en un acento de Nueva York cuando ordeno pizza!

  • JS

    Many people do not understand what a market economy is. Northpark: free to make teens be accompanied by parents and not wear their pants around their ankles. Pizza Patron: free to give a discount for ordering in Spanish. But I would like to see the outrage if a company gave a discount only if a customer ordered in English — i.e., charged higher prices if you only spoke Spanish, German, Chinese, etc.

  • Darren

    What about the promotion Driftwood did where they only gave a discount to people who lived in Oak Cliff?

  • VM

    Imagine if all the restaurants in town did a promotion and sold green beer and you wore green and acted like you were Irish

  • Martin

    And imagine if a bar would let you in without a cover charge only if you’re a woman…

  • Charissa

    People need to calm the fuck down. You want your pizza in English? Take your ass to another pizza parlor, pay your $10 and problem solved.

  • Liz

    Ha funny, I know a lot of Americans who have done crazy and dumb stuff for wanting something free how is this different??

  • El Patron

    Hah. All you have to do is know one word in Spanish. “Hola. I’d like a pepperoni pizza.”

    I think it’s funny that people would rather fight this than learn one simple word. They’re not asking you to conjugate, spell or even know how to use a tilde — just say a word. I bet by the end of the day the staff will care less if you even say anything at all. This was brilliant for Pizza Patron. I will getting my pizza “gratis.” Suckers.

  • Theuncommoncommoner

    Nobody was crying racism or got upset when Taco Bell did there yo quiero taco bell commercials…bet if La Madeleine gave out free food for speaking french no one would complain…or if Pei Wei did the same. Anyone who has a issue with the promo are just a bunch of degenerates. Lol!!

  • Thanks for this, Carol. I don’t understand why Pizza Patron refuses to acknowledge that it’s their responsibility to walk on eggshells so as not to offend ignorant racists. Maybe we can start a petition? I’m thinking something like: Pizza Patron, End Racism By Catering To Bigots!

  • mhassett03

    I’m a 30 year old white man. When the hell am I gonna get some special treatment?

  • Bork Bork


  • Lindsey

    Everyone can get free pizzas…Hello Google Translate!

  • MariaB

    It is possible that this is a violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which prohibits any business that’s engaged in ANY WAY in interstate commerce (including receiving supplies from another state) from discriminating against any customer because of that customer’s race, religion or national origion. That’s why those discounts offered on puchases if a customer brings in a church bulletin are illegal, unless the same discount is also given to customers who come in WITHOUT a church bulletin.

  • Lee

    I think this is a hilarious social commentary that we expect non American-born residents to immediately speak perfect English OR ELSE, but the idea of us having to put in a teeeensy bit of effort to score a free pizza is horrifying! Man, we white people are LAZY! Any promotion that doesn’t immediately put us at an advantage is “reverse racism.” Pretty sure this is about celebrating and appreciating the culture– isn’t that what America is supposed to be about? Pretty sure that if you want a free pizza, you can do even the least amount of work by downloading an app that translates English to Spanish in two seconds. People: This is a fun thing! It doesn’t have to be political! I live in Oak Cliff and there is a Pizza Patron up the street. I’ve never been, but I think it’ll be fun to participate! After all, how often do I get to actually apply my years of state-mandated Spanish classes in a country that is trying to nationalize English?! That’s irony for you.

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