What to Pack in Your Picnic Basket This Summer

D Home editor Joslyn Taylor had this brilliant idea of doing a cross post. Since the weather has been kind of wunderbar, we thought it’d be fun if I picked out my ideal picnic basket foods while Joslyn paired them with pretty basket accessories.

Jump if you can’t wait for this weekend.

I tried to pick foods that would be good for families with kids and no kids. (Or even picnic baskets for those of us who like to go on dates by ourselves with a nice book.) Either way, the grub has to be good, right?

1. JJ&B jelly – I’m just terribly smitten with the toasted pecan-pepper jam. Kathy Neumuller makes her jams locally, and you can find her sitting at a booth every second and fourth Saturday at the White Rock Local Market. If that’s too long of a wait, then head over to the Garden Cafe where they offer a little shelf of these jam beauties.

2. Crackers and jam go hand-in-hand. Ak-mak 100% whole wheat crackers are the most versatile crackers I have ever eaten. They go well with hummus, cheese, and any other kind of spread. Whole Foods, Central Market, and Bolsa Mercado all carry them.

3. Enough about side items. You need something light, but filling, to occupy your stomach. Bridge Bistro’s chicken salad sandwich is not too mayonnaise-y, and it has onions, tomatoes, lettuce, grape halves, and nuts infused in the chicken salad mixture. I could eat one every single day of my life, and that’s saying a lot. Order this item to-go and save yourself some time.

4. Holy moly, have you tried Holy Kombucha yet? I walked into Bolsa Mercado the other day and saw that they offered green apple ginger and pomegranate for $4 a cup. A little pricey, if you ask me, but totally worth this brew of fermented tea and sugar cane. It’s also a local product that you can support.

5. Your picky little ones might not like weird kombucha flavors. I suggest you mix your own lemonade for the kiddos instead. (Recipe here.) It’s easy and takes two seconds.

6. Edamame is such an easy snack. You can buy these anywhere, and the steam bags are a time saver. A friend of mine told me that edamame is a great way to keep his kids occupied. They’re so busy getting the pods out that they’re quiet and enjoying something healthy at the same time. If you don’t want your kids running wild around your picnic blanket, hand them some edamame.

7. What’s a picnic without strawberries? Now that they’re in season, you can buy them everywhere as well. I really do suggest you pop into Urban Acres, though, and buy your strawberries the local way.


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  • Admit it, Carol: you jacked wunderbar from that email I sent you yesterday.

  • char

    She did no such thing!

  • char, I did, and I am unashamed.

  • char

    well then crap, and bradford I owe you the sincerest of apologies

  • We cool

  • stephen @ CC

    Kathy with JJ&B is the best! I really like the raw strawberry. We put it on every breakfast dish that comes with toast and I personally like on pancakes. I was looking for jelly and spoke with Catherine at Dude Sweet and she said it was the only jelly in her fridge – good enough for Dude Sweet – good enough for Company Cafe.

  • Baited N. Switched

    No Raw Men?

  • DUO All things Culinary also has JJ&B….and the Gem has kombucha on tap! It’s so good! Three favors!

  • We (Garden Cafe) also offer Holy Kombucha on tap. It’s tough to keep up with the demand! Not only is it a local product to support, they also donate 10% of their profits to the Sow the Seed Foundation. Sow the Seed provides homes and food programs for children rescued from human trafficking, and provides for destitute families.

  • emily

    ak-maks with avocado slices are truly splendid. something about that sesame/avocado combination, anchored with wheat.