Our Wonderful SideDish Photographer, Desiree Espada, Wins DMA 2012 Award

Still life objects (photo by Desiree Espada and Kasumi Chow)

Forgive me, forgive me. I am four days late with this news that I have known about for awhile. One of our SideDish photographers, Desiree Espada, is one of 10 recipients selected for the Dallas Museum of Art’s 2012 Awards to Artists. You have seen her work all over our blog (like here and here), but outside of SideDish, she also does some amazing collaborative work with her friend Kasumi Chow. The DMA recently announced on its website the winners, and the Observer picked up the story including some quotes from Desiree. I just have to share because I know Desiree is too humble to make a big deal out of this, but Nancy and I couldn’t be more proud!