New Restaurant in Preston Royal: Nando’s in Dallas

Former Gloria’s employee Fernando Santo’s is teaming up with his mother Blanco Husca to open Nando’s. The restaurant, scheduled for June 1 opening, is in the space formerly known as Cava/Le Rendezvous in the southwest quadrant of Preston Royal Shopping Center. “The menu will be Veracruz-style,” Santos said. “My mother is going to be the chef.” Blanco Husca was the chef at The Original Mexican Café (“The Original”) in Galveston.


  • S

    But this *isn’t* THE Nando’s that those of us from overseas have been dying for…better watch the name. I think it’s trademarked:

  • Colm

    Im afraid the name is definitely trademarked, there are four in Washington and thousands worldwide!

  • welcome to neighborhood…preston hollow appreciates good food.

  • lk

    I too thought it was the Nando’s I had in London and got excited for a second. But I love Veracruz style Mexican food as well!

  • Marisa

    Beware…that location is like a revolving door. Bad karma.

  • Jeff

    I agree…BAD location. I live 2 minutes away and would love a great new restaurant there. Hope it makes it. But that whole quadrant has a bad history…

  • yoyo

    i think this is a great location for good mexican food!!!!!

  • polly

    agree-good spot for Veracruz style food, but also agree on it being not a great location. Once had a friend tell me never try to open a restaurant where others have failed-there is a reason for failure