• Anne

    Confused, Nancy. Is this a different picture of the space shown in the first post, or is this a new mystery spot altogether?

  • Teddy Boxberger

    Mi Cocina formerly Matts?

  • Downtownist

    Cane Rosso’s new space.

  • Primi timpano

    I don’t think they are serving anything so in my book it does not qualify as a restaurant.

  • I’m guessing the space formerly known as Tramantana. It appears to be about the right size.

  • Mike

    Al Biernet’s?

  • Sorry if I was unclear, this is a new game. a new space. another restaurant.

  • AS

    All that wood trim – my guess is the former Gordo’s, future Black Eyed Pea?

  • Sandy

    Monica’s new restaurant?

  • joeat

    We never got the answer to the last game. What a total fraud.

  • Jp jones

    Acme f&b that is the old cretias spot.

  • Anne

    So what was the answer to the last ‘Guess the Name’ post?
    (And thank you for the clarification on this post, Nancy!)

  • Old Place at Perry’s?

  • Anne2

    Nancy, come clean . This is a fun guessing game but you owe us an answer for the first one. No answer=no fun=no trust.

  • DrinksOnMe

    She did on the other post. Ser. I think this is that Acme too.

  • The last one was Ser.

  • sherman

    Nosh. Another Avner/Celeste dust up Saturday night.

  • Robie

    Future site of The Donkey Jawbone

  • cuillère

  • Square Burger