• KG

    We decided on the casual but always wonderful Garden Cafe. We should have stayed home! At $25/pp for a buffet of eggs, bacon, biscuits and juice it was not worth the cost and the staff could not keep up with the food, dishes or silverware. They were constantly out of one or more. Very disappointed by what is usually a great breakfast/brunch destination.

  • alyb803

    We took mom to brunch at Komali. Outstanding service as always. Started with tamarind mimosas, then all three of us ordered the prix fixe ($35) Mother’s Day menu: Corn flan amuse bouche; tempura fried squash blossoms stuffed w/ Oaxaca cheese and red pepper vinaigrette; perfectly seared scallops over a tamale roulade; tres leches cake with a wonderful raspberry topping. Couldn’t have picked a better location or menu–mom loved everything.

  • Vwgirl

    Noticed the patio and parking lot at Princi was packed!

  • Isa

    My mom is never impressed with high dollar meals. So, this year a friend and I took our moms to Flippin Out Crepes.  Ultra casual but so good.  It was about a 30 minute wait but with the great weather, champagne in hand for mimosas (they are BYOB) and a big box of various games that they supply, it was hardly noticed.  When we received our food, my mom was more than impressed with the steak, crab & asparagus benedicts, mile high club & a strawberry cheesecake crepe that rocked our world.  For about $10 a person, it’s great deal and just a great atmosphere. 

  • notimpressed

    Went to Bailey’s Prime and it was ridiculously bad. $250+ tip (and three mimosas) for three adults and one child of a buffet that was barely better than Luby’s. If my mom wasn’t so impressed by the overly gaudy decorations and 1980’s gold faucets in the bathroom, I would have left and gone to whole foods. The staff was very nice and almost apologetic for the cost to quality food ratio. In their defense they usually don’t do buffets so how could they possibly be good at it. Next year I am doing rack of lamb in my own kitchen and giving my mom $250 at the spa.

  • A. B.

    Avoided the crush by having dinner Saturday night at Tillman’s. it was great as always. Others clearly had the same idea as there were lots of kids and moms present.

  • MAW

    We did The Ranch at Las Colinas, per the advertisement on your blog. Service was great, price was fair and I got to make a brunch of smores and mimosas. Normally, neither shows up in my diet, but I figured I was entitled to Mother’s Day decadence. Not disappointed.

  • Liz G.

    Not being a mom, I generally hate Mother’s Day – so we avoided all of our regular places and went to new to us Crossroads Diner on Walnut Hill. What a pleasant surprise. Service wasn’t that great…but from the looks of it, it was an anomaly to our waiter. The food was delicious — and those grits were everything I hoped they would be.

  • @KG – I apologize for your Mother’s Day experience with us. Our forecasting was way off, and we were under prepared. We hope you’ll continue to join us for regular service. Next time ask for Mark, we’ll find a way to make up for your last visit.

  • KG

    Thanks Mark, much appreciated. We will be back and do love your establishment.