Lucky Gives Rousing Speech at The Chesterfield’s Happy Hour

Lucky’s supporters are gathered at The Chesterfield right now, grateful as ever that Lucky is back. One faithful customer (who usually visits the bar 2 to 3 times a week) told me that he hasn’t been back to The Chesterfield ever since Lucky got kicked out. (Except for this one time when he dropped in to tell The Chesterfield he wasn’t coming back ’til Lucky was reinstated.)

“No Eddie, no us!” declared the gentleman. Well, sir, it looks like Lucky isn’t going to budge without a fight.


  • ryan reynolds

    D Magazine and Nancy Nichols should be ashamed of themselves. They are enabling a man with a severe drug problem to receive recognition for his cocaine-fueled antics. Shame, shame, shame.

  • Ryan, I have asked several times to speak with Mr. Bailey and/or anyone from his company and have, so far, received one written statement which I posted yesterday. I know nothing about drugs. I am covering the event as it happens. As far as I understand it, the police have been called to remove Mr. Campbell from the premises without success. I can not imagine why Bailey would conduct business in such a public forum when there are better avenues to deal with internal issues. Perhaps Bailey knows what he is doing here. I don’t know. We are just playing it as it lays.

  • Rob Shearer

    Nice try, Ryan – clearly Ed Bailey needs to hire new PR representation… or perhaps he just needs to stop doing business like a 14 year old ego maniac.

  • Christopher Zielke

    @Ryan Reynolds. I know Eddie is a little crazy. He worked for me for three years. Accusing him of being a coke addict is stupid. He hasn’t drank in 10 years or something like that. He may or may not smoke weed. So what. Not any different than the three/ four cocktails I drink a night. He is the real deal. He cares about his craft and has elevated Dallas’ cocktail scene. I applaud the fact that he has the balls to stand up to corporate idiots (Ed Bailey), their employees/ surrogates (you) and fight to keep the Dallas restaurant/bar scene interesting and independent. He knows he will always have me in his corner…

  • Ryan Reynolds

    My interest in this is solely personal; I don’t like Eddie Campbell and know that he’s a pathological liar. Christopher you’re post reflects the narrative that Lucky has been spinning and this website has been complicit with for the past week; a narrative that is patently false, and someone (apparently me) is obligated to assert truth and fact into this fairy tale – Eddie did not concept Chesterfield, he didn’t even design the drink menu. Eddie’s right about having his lifelong dream come true; he’s now finally getting his fifteen minutes of local celebrity, regardless of how false the pretenses that celebrity is predicated on.

  • “Ryan Reynolds” commits slander

    You are the one who should be ashamed. But I am ashamed I let your crazy talk upset me enough to respond. Say Goodnight to Mr. Bailey for me…

  • JS

    @Ryan, you better be correct or you should be prepared to write a big check to cover the jury’s verdict.

  • Christopher Zielke

    @Ryan Reynolds… Please know the difference between your and you’re.

    Yes my post reflects Eddie’s narrative because I know and like him. As I said before, he worked for me for three years. I know him better than most. He may be a liar but so are you for accusing him of being a coke addict. I know that to be false.. He made plenty of drink menus for me so I know he is capable. He had his 15 minutes when he got a big story in D Mag, FD Luxe, Esquire etc when he worked for me… This is minutes 20-25….

    I don’t know who you are because unlike the rest of us, you use an alias. If you want to say who you are and where you work, we canhave an adult discussion..

  • Rob&julie

    We have known Eddie for years, and there is no doubt he put his heart and soul into this bar; to suggest otherwise is ludicrous. Eddie is a great friend and we will always be there for him. Go Team Lucky!!!!!

  • Ryan Reynolds

    Good catch on that heinous typo Christopher. I abhor that particular homonym typo more than any other. Unfortunately there is no edit option and I literally caught my mistake right as I hit publish. Luck is not on my side, apparently 🙂

  • Ryan Reynolds

    and then an unneeded comma to top things off…

  • downtown_worker

    I love that bar and Eddie is the face of that bar.

  • @ryan

    No better way to perpetuate the stereotypes of these two spirits. Ed, you can’t “Donald” your way out of this one. In an atmosphere that parts ways with friction via termination I’m hard-pressed to see how a lead thumb filled with anxiety will ever press an iron personality fueled by passion for his trade and supporters. Without Eddie, The Chesterfield is just another structure I pass by on a regular basis.

  • chefjerimy

    Grammar, Ryan,
    It’s the difference in knowing your s#!t, and knowing you’re s#!t.

  • Winner

    Tiger Blood drinks 2 for 1 Happy Hour all night

  • alyb803

    Well played, chefjerimy.

  • Baited N. Switched

    Bailey is smart enough to not ruin a perfectly profitable business for no reason. Clearly there is a dispute here. Neither side appears to have handled it well.

    Lucky’s reaction to Bailey’s shenanigans should be an affront to all bartenders though. This is the reason the money men dont trust you enough to give you equity bartenders. Because of Jackasses like Lucky who stand on the bar and go on tirades. This is supposed to be a legitamate business, and Lucky has turned it into a circus.

    Eff you Bailey, you soulless, empty suit son of a b*tch.

    Eff you Lucky, for being so easily baited by the empty suit and acting like a clown.

    No big deal though. I dont even like those sugary concoctions. They give me a headache after 2 of them. These guys can take their blood oranges and pound sand.

  • Bar Fly


  • Moderator

    People, people, people! Look at how everyone of you is behaving. D Magazine, Sidedish, and Nancy Nicols should all be completely ashamed of themselves for enabling such vindictive and slanderous behavior to be so publicly posted. As a food column this should be about the locations Ms. Nicols has attended and tried, not personal gossip. One minute she raves about the restaurants and events Baileys has sponsored or held, the new concepts of Avner Samuels, and anyone else that has been tied to these entities and turns around and influences this ridiculous nonsense by reporting half understood stories.

    For everyone else to be commenting on things they have no idea about is ridiculous and you guys fail to realize that regardless of what’s happening now this chesterfield project may have been Luckys dream, but without the full monetary support and guidance of Mr. Bailey it would have stayed a dream. He gave both Lucky and Michael Martenson an opportunity to prove themselves in business and they have both fallen short which is why they are where they are. Lucky owes a lot of people for his reputation. It is true that Sonny created the drink menu, Michael Elheart created the food menu, who is no longer there for his own downfalls, but no one knows these things because it’s none of Nancy Nicols business or anyone else’s for that matter. This is a complete example of an uneducated band wagon effect and monkey see-monkey do’s.

    It’s absoluetly disgusting how this whole topic has gotten so out of hand, and how people that don’t even know the people of discussion are saying such ugly, and hurtful things , primarily about a man that regardless of coming up on Mc Donald’s that he sold 4 years ago, someone who has sponsored so many charities, given millions of dollars to charities, created hundreds of jobs, and is actually a decent person has been slandered .

    Seriously think before you speak. Put this on a larger scale and you will see why our country is in such turmoil. It’s because the American people are no longer smart enough to make good choices with behavior and education and have lost touch with morality and dignity. We are at war with ourselves through our own everyday struggles, why do we make matters worse for one another?

  • Thanks Nancy

    Just wanted a quick shout out to D Magazine for tracking all IP addresses who post on here and particularly that of “Ryan Reynolds.”

    Good luck, chump.

  • Well, it has just been a joy and a pleasure to serve you all.

  • Mike

    @Ryan Reynolds

    Coke addict, pathological liar, scumbag maybe? I dont think so bt who cares. He has his demons to face, i have mine and you have yours. I have known Lucky for years and do not know him to have the traits you claim. Again it’s no ones business but his. I have also known and worked with Chris Z for years and can vouche for everything he says about him. Sounds like you are just jealous. I suggest you not patronize The Chesterfield. And if you really want to get back at him open your own business. Find your own investors and negotiate your own deal which is bigger, and better, and show him who has the bigger balls if you can. Until then I suggest, Richard Pryor said it best to Bill Cosby, “Have a coke (or in your case some) and a smile and shut the fuck up”

  • Jamie

    Thanks Nancy for reporting!! I am sure we will be reading when his next collaboration goes like this………

  • Keep the obscenities out of your names, folks, or I will hit the ‘delete’ button.

  • I am late to this scene! Just wanted to add my two cents…I have known Lucky for a few years and worked beside him for 1…one of the few people I would go to bat for I am not privy to the entire back drop of this story but what ever the accusations I would always show up if he asked wether that be at a homeless shelter or the oscars! He has a good heart and intent and thats hard to find these days…Stay strong Lucky!