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It’s Time for Maker’s Mark and the Cocktail Party

In America today, it’s time for honesty!
It’s time to bring people together!
It’s time to mix things up!
It’s time for Maker’s Mark and the Cocktail Party!

Maker’s Mark Bourbon has indeed “made its mark” on the 2012 elections and political commentators James Carville and Mary Matalin are official supporters! A tongue-in-cheek campaign, The Cocktail Party is a platform designed to encourage Americans to put their political differences aside and rally for a round of Maker’s Mark Bourbon.

Mr. Carville and Ms. Matalin, long-time friends of the Samuels family and devoted Maker’s Mark Bourbon brand fans, make appearances in several of the satirical videos, along with Maker’s Mark Chairman Emeritus Bill Samuels Jr.

Mr. Carville asserts that, “What this country needs now is an end to the petty squabbling.  And, since it doesn’t look like either party is going to provide any of that for the next four years, maybe we should all just kick back, relax and have a cocktail.”  Says Ms. Matalin, “For once, I agree with James.  It’s time to bring the masses together and enjoy some Maker’s Mark®.”

Please check out one of the Super-PAC-free messages, featuring James and Mary, by visiting http://www.youtube.com/makersmark.

Supporters can formally join The Cocktail Party, by “liking” it on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/MakersMark.


  • Brett

    made it’s mark = made it is mark.