I’ve Seen the Future of Food Writing and I Want My Mommy

drinking wine out of a baby bottle, Paris, France
Not me. This travel blog photo’s source is TravelPod page: Pariiii

Last month, we discussed the future of food writing and contributing to print pubs in general. In general we summarized:

Publications are shrinking. There are fewer jobs in the publishing business, not just food writing. We hear from people everyday looking for work as editors, art designers, and free lancers. Interns taking journalism classes still spend time in our offices, but instead of gathering “clips” from the magazine, they turn in blog posts for college credit.

I bring the subject up again because I received a disturbing email geared towards the “promotion” of restaurants on blogs. Jump for it.

I’m not an authority on social media marketing, but if this email is any indication what the next wave of marketing to blogs involves, then I say goodbye and good luck. I’ve blocked out the name of the restaurant and the sender who   is a SEO Consultant.

I am a big fan. Here is an article about XXXXX. Would be great if you could find a place for it on your blog:

The weather this past weekend was amazing, and XXXXX’s patios were packed and full of people and food. The combination of the two always results in a harmonious union of flavor and fun.

When the weather gets warm, everyone loves enjoying their food and drinks on the patio. XXXXX’s patios are some of the best in the business! Colorful umbrellas offer up the perfect amount of shade, and once the ice cold margaritas start to flow, you may never want to leave the confines of this oasis! The XXXXX XXXXXXXX (publication) thinks that XXXXX’s has the best happy hour in Dallas, and during spring and summer our happy hour just seems to never end.

The chips and salsa with a couple of lime wedges are always a refreshing snack, combined them with a lovely drink and you have the perfect recipe to beat the heat.

With XX locations in the DFW area, who needs to make a reservation, and with so much patio space come enjoy a happy hour with us this spring.

Thank you.

I will get right on that, SEO Consultant. XXXX you!