Free Ticket Giveaway: Two Passes to Rock and Roll Tacos/La Grange Soft Opening

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My taco buddy José Ralat-Maldonado (aka Taco Trail) is crazy about Rock and Roll Tacos, and he reports that owner James Quiñonez is taking over LaGrange’s kitchen and revamping the restaurant to become more serious about its tacos. José writes:

For one, he’s installing the bed of a 1954 Chevy pickup truck converted into a salsa bar with 15 varieties of the America’s leading condiment, working taillights and an exhaust pipe connected to a smoke machine, two-inch white walls and red pin-striping. A wall will be lined with vinyl LPs.

Menus additions will include elote shooters, shrimp cocktails, house-made mole poblano, mac n cheese with shaved habanero, serrano and Anaheim chilies, chocoflan, what James Quiñonez calls, “the works, man.”

And then there is the expanded taco program, now with fajitas, chicken chipotle, steak and Mexican gravy tacos, a fried-to-order hard shell job brisket, Baja-style beer batter-fried fish and shrimp tacos, as well as something James Quiñonez says he ate when he visited Mexico: bacon-wrapped shrimp with bell peppers, onions and jack cheese.

They’ll be joined by two vegetarian options. One with black bean, rice, avocado and queso fresco in a hard shell another with purple potatoes, mushrooms, caramelized onions and cotija cheese.

You are probably wondering how this has anything to do with you. Well, José is feeling mighty generous today. On Wednesday, May 16, from 5-8 p.m. there will be a soft opening for family and friends at LaGrange. (The official opening goes down on May 31.) He has one pass (I lied in the headline) that is good for two people.

If you’d like to go to this exclusive event, tell me in the comments section where you get your tacos in Dallas. I’ll enter all the names in one pot and pick a random winner tomorrow (Tuesday, May 15) at 3:00 p.m. Whoever wins will receive an email from me with instructions on how to claim your pass.


  • George

    I get my tacos primarily for El Si Hay and Fuel City. I like hard shell tacos from Gonzalez. I used to love the carnitas tacos from the Taco Loco Wagon, but I fear it will not reopen as promised. I’d love a preview of new tacos close to downtown!

  • Velvet Taco and Good2Go when I’m feeling fancy. El Si Hay, Tacos Banquetas, and Chichen Itza when I’m feeling street. Taqueria Pinocho is really good too!!

  • Komali all the way!

  • Richard

    Good 2 Go!

  • Becca

    Velvet Taco and Fuel City.

  • Taco Joint is my primary taco provider. However, I get a taco whenever I can. I think I had a flour tortilla in at least one meal everyday last week.

  • Fuel City, Torchy’s Taco, 3Men & A Truck, you name it I try it

  • JD

    Rusty Taco & Torchy’s Taco are my 2 faves right now!

  • DJD

    The brisket tacos at Enchilada’s are da bomb!

  • La Paloma on coit, and I love tacos de lengua!

  • bill

    Velvet taco…everclear margs are as good as the tacos

  • Ian K

    Velvet Taco for gringo tacos and El Paisano for the real thing!

  • matthew

    Its Texas Duh! TGI Fridays of Course

  • Andrea

    Taco bell! C’mon now!

  • Bachman Tacos – Trompo Tacos are wonderful

  • Mike H

    I love the breakfast tacos at El Jordan on Bishop.

  • Liz G.

    Torchy’s if I am feeling trendy…El Pueblito in Plano if I want plain ol’ traditional crunchy tacos.

  • I really love Velvet Taco, now I am really craving!

  • Jeff T

    Don’t judge me…El Fenix.

  • Alexis H

    Always La Grange. No Kidding.
    I may be your biggest fan.
    My friends and even my Mom tell me I’m addicted.
    I came in for a snow cone one day and just never left.
    Whenever I see you have a new flavor on the menu I drag my BF to try it.
    I get to concerts early so I can nom nom on the tacos before the shows.
    I have entered contests on your FB for free taco giveaways! I won!
    My utter taco love to you, your chefs and your generous bartenders.

  • Amy M

    El Si Hay, y’all. That’s where to go. But if I’m not feeling up to driving, La Grange or Tacos El Guero will get it done. East D has a wealth of good tacos.

  • Lori R

    Freebird’s in Denton

  • littleloo

    Velvet Taco and Urban Taco. Occasionally Mercado Juarez. Mercado Juarez has my very favorite salsa.

  • Patrick Harris

    Velvet Taco…..LOVE em!

  • Tejano Bbq & More (it’s a taco place really) on Coit South of GWB Tollway.
    Has deserved great rating by Gas Station Tacos blog.

    10 minutes from my house yum!

  • Shelbyg75

    Velvet taco :)!

  • Congrats to Matthew! He was randomly selected from 26 post-it notes inside my lunch box.

  • twinwillow

    Velvet Taco although good, is too white, too expensive, and too hipsterish. I’ll take the Suadero tacos with green sauce at Tacos Al Banqueta on Bryan.
    If in Oak Cliff, El Si Hay.