Formal Statement From The Chesterfield: Party On! Bailey and Campbell Kiss and Make Up

This just in from the heavyweight champions of the Battle for The Chesterfield:

Statement from Ed Bailey:

“It is unfortunate how things have unfolded at The Chesterfield and I’m disappointed to say the least.  I have continued to be very supportive of this bar and its success.  Unfortunately an internal issue that we were working hard to handle privately became a public spectacle, which both parties deeply regret.  Eddie and I have resolved our differences and look forward to putting this behind us,” said Ed Bailey. “The Chesterfield is back to business as usual with Eddie at its helm.”

Statement from Eddie Campbell:

“Sometimes emotions can get in the way of better judgment.  Ed has been a great mentor to me and he is a great guy. We had professional differences and I’m sorry how things transpired.  I’m passionate about The Chesterfield, as it is a life long dream of mine, and I’d like to apologize to everyone involved.  Ed and I have worked things out and I am glad to be back behind the bar.  I’m humbled by the support I’ve received from the community and look forward to making cocktails for the people of Dallas,” said Eddie Campbell.


  • downtown_worker

    I think I need a drink now.

  • Nirvana

    Smells like teen (team) spirit, is it? OR NOT. You decide……..

  • Glen Campbell

    I really wish both of these guys would shut the f^ck up.

    For reals.

  • Rebross

    Where’s Scott Jones when we need him?

  • OldDallasNative

    Oh please….looks like a duck….

  • Mike

    4 of the last 8 posts here were about Bailey, enough already. Who cares anymore. Stop giving these idiots free publicity.

  • Ryan Reynolds

    Looks like I’m not the only one who’s grown tired of Lucky’s schtick and D’s enthusiastic coverage of it.

  • yuck

    Internal issue that we were dealing with privately????????????????
    Since when did that involve calling the police???
    I wish TV was as funny as this IDIOT Bailey, I smell bigger issues and bigger problems looming ahead… Radical makeover of the steakhouse concepts, this ridiculousness, whats next, my guess is that all of the Bailey’s Prime Minus’ are hemorrhaging money and he is pulling straws trying to figure a way to stop the bleeding. We all know hindsight is 20-20, but here goes anyway… Try to open 1 steakhouse and figure out if you have a good product before you open 4 of these floundering, gaudy messes of restaurants. Just a suggestion. A fool and his money are soon parted. I guess he’s lucky he has enough that the siphoning off will take quite a while before its done… But I guarantee you this, this is one instance where all publicity is definitely not good publicity. YOU IDIOT

  • Okay, this has been interesting and I’m sure there is more to the story, but I am cutting off the comments. Thank you all for your input.