• AS

    Buca di Beppo after the Avengers at NorthPark. $9.99 for half of a small baguette with 1/4 cup of cheese sprinkled sparingly and “roasted” garlic that was still hard and uncooked. $19.99 for the “small” (feeds 2-3) version of a chicken pasta that had 1/2 a breast of sliced chicken mixed with 4 cups of pasta, and handful of frozen peas and maybe one (canned) artichoke heart, cut in to pieces. We played the “guess the food cost” game while we ate.

    Overheard the bartender telling another guest that there are “individual” serving sizes, but they are on a different menu. If we had arrived later, we would have seen the tour buses parked there and left.

    Really? Tour Dallas and eat at Buca di Beppo? Sad.

  • Eater

    In my dining room cooked by me in my kitchen. Delicious

  • Bruce

    At the Chefs for Farmers event on Sunday! Every chef had delicious food

  • DallasFoodisGud

    Chefs for Farmers on Sunday – best food event in Dallas
    Sissy’s – Monday – best upscale fried chicken in Dallas
    Iron Fork on Tuesday – Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen served the best Lamb Sausage Slider in Dallas
    Caravelle on Wednesday – Cheese Fried Lobster
    Ran the Katy Trail 5k yesterday – ate Bulgogi Lettuce Wraps from Howard Wangs and Strawberry Gazpacho with Ricotta Cheese from FT33
    Tonight is a visit to my cardiologist

  • Tr

    The Company on Katy Trail is really fun to walk to and from. Scallops were excellent.
    Ino’s, natch.
    Afrah in Richardson. Much better than Ali Baba (which i also like).

    Also various places in Berlin. Send suggestions for Beijing.

  • joeat

    OK, @DallasFoodisGud, where is FT33 and when did it open? Have been watching and waiting.

  • Liz G.

    Ate at Winewood in Grapevine again. Almost a perfect meal – only the mashed potatoes were lukewarm and flavorless – but a request to have them replaced with their smoked Gouda mac ‘n cheese was immediately honored and all was right again. Service was, again, outstanding.

    Also went to the Blue Goose in Plano for girls’ night. Decent TexMex…but nothing spectacular.

  • MsX

    Stephan Pyles on Tuesday. Bad service and my wild boar was way too salty. Disappointed.

  • DGirl

    Justin the bartender at Nosh took good care of me when DDude and I pooped in for a quick dinner. Meatballs and the avocado crostini were great – so simple. Dude had the short ribs which were really, really good.

  • twinwillow

    A late supper at DaLat. The new (late night) Vietnamese restaurant that opened on Fitzhugh in the defunct Redfork space.

    Being that I’m on a vegetarian regimen for two weeks, I ordered the vegetarian Pho made with delicious squares of freshly made fried tofu swimming in a lovely vegetarian broth with noodles and cilantro that was amazingly good. Light and delicate yet, very flavorful. I also had a pair of tofu spring rolls. Very nice with rice paper skins that melted in my mouth. I’m really looking forward to trying their meatball Pho and, (so I was told) excellent tuna Banh Mi.
    With ice tea the bill came to $12.55 including tax. A bargain!

  • DGirl

    PS – we didn’t actually “poop” in to Nosh, we POPPED in. Hope y’all got a chuckle on that.

  • kYle

    Seabreeze in Plano for the first time since it’s expansion. Good lobster roll, but I really dug the side of grilled asparagus with parmesan. The new setup with sitdown service is very enjoyable.

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