• LJT

    Picked up a wonderful meal for two from Bolsa Mercado. Smoked chicken fritatta w/caramelized onions, chard and goat cheese. Served with a side salad and, curiously, a small container of hummus. I tossed the hummus in the fridge for a snack some other time (like when I have something to spread it on!) The fritatta was amazing!

  • twinwillow

    Monday: The amazing lunch buffet at Afrah. Everything was delicious. I especially love their baked eggplant.

    Tuesday: Lunch at Cane Rosso. Mista salad and a Regina Margherita pie with added hot sopressata and, a nice chat with Jay.

    Wednesday: Dinner at Nobu. Sorry, but other than the great 1/2 price drinks during “happy hour”, the food is not worth the money. And the loud “Gap” music is just way too overbearing!

  • Seven

    Tried and failed to have lunch at Tomato Pie yesterday. Looks like their opening was delayed, knew I should have called ahead.

  • alyb803

    In Chicago last week: Ruxbin (one of the 3 best meals I’ve ever eaten); Girl and the Goat (I’ve read mixed reviews but everything we tried was outstanding, great vibe and outstanding service–probably in my top 10); Topolobampo (wanted to love it, wasn’t bad but REALLY pricey and just not all that–Komali and Mesa here are better, with much better service). Enjoyed cocktails at LuxBar, Hugo’s and Tavern on Rush (terrific brunch). If you go to Champaign-Urbana, Destihl is worth a visit for the hefeweizen-battered jalapeno bacon w/ maple chipotle glaze.

  • JT4242

    Went to Smoke on Wednesday night – phenomenal! I haven’t been in about 2 years and wanted to take my BBQ-loving fiance, and he was in love. Get the Big Rib! Melts in your mouth…

  • PF

    The Grape for dinner – excellent food, satisfactory service that could have been better -no check back from the waiter (courses were served by the runner).

    Olivella’s, Mockingbird for dinner. Crowded, lots of children, very noisy (expected). Service appeared chaotic, but delivery was timely. Metro pizza “true Roman style, very thin crust” was dry and brittle. I prefer thin pizza, but not this one. Toppings were excellent. Will return and try the “traditional style, normal crust” next time, for whatever normal is. . .

  • merritt

    stopped in at holy grail in plano. the goat cheese is pretty tasty. i wasn’t too sure about the sauce that it was served with, it is a blast of sweet and tomato that resembled a salsa. by the third bite it really seemed to mesh well. the pretzel rolls served with a cheesy bechamel and mustard. i cannot say that they come near the same item at jorg’s in plano. it’s a shame that man isn’t cooking 7 days a week.

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  • Gristle

    Sissy’s Southern Kitchen on a Sat. night. Parking pretty chaotic, with the valet servicing 2 or 3 different restaurants. Is anyone else getting tired of valet parking for every restaurant they go to?

    Anyway, yes the Deviled Eggs with caviar were stellar, as every review of Sissy’s has quoted. Since I went solo, I got a half order (think they gave me eight eggs). A little red curry underneath the caviar made for a nice subtle flavor. The fried chicken was exceptional. White meat was crunchy outside, moist and tasty inside. True, there are a lot of comments out there from people that whine “it’s just chicken!,” but I suppose you could say that about most every type of food (try telling a BBQ junkie “it’s just brisket” and see how that goes down). Service was very good, by the way. No problems there.

    Only complaint–the cole slaw. You get a choice of whipped potatoes or slaw with the chicken, and the slaw had a too-venegary flavor for my liking. It just sort of tasted like it was one ingredient away from being good. Fortunately, I had some slaw from Cindy’s Deli at the house, and that worked perfect with the leftover.

    In conclusion…get the eggs. Get the bucket of chicken. Go home.