Eppa Sangria is Making a Splash Around Dallas

I know Teresa Gubbins has written about this sangria already, but I can’t help sharing anyway.

Fort Worth native Britt West, Co-Founder of Eppa Wine Company, dropped by the office yesterday to give us a little tasting of his product. What he poured into our wine glasses was a surprisingly refreshing sangria blended from pomegranate, blood orange, blueberry and acai juices that goes well with ice.

Usually, I’m not a huge fan of press releases that endorse a drink “that has it all” since I can’t imagine anything that has it all, but Eppa sangria comes pretty darn close. It has an alcohol content of 8.5%, and the liquid feels light when you roll it around on your tongue. Blended in Mendocino County where the company buys its grapes, this sangria makes a terrific housewarming gift. It’s something you’d bring to a party to pair with hor d’oeuvres and cheese, and the best part is that it costs less than $12 per bottle.

Eppa sangria officially launched in September 2011, but it will soon be offered in over 80% of Whole Foods stores around the country. “It’s only been in Texas since mid-March. They’ve sold out completely out of the state twice, and I’ve had to re-order. It’s been great, though. Whole Foods is kind of a natural fit for everything we’re doing,” says West.

Expect Eppa to become a household name soon. “On our Facebook page, we get people writing in saying they had a massive cheer at a party, and everyone yelled ‘Eppa!'” West proudly told us.

As for me, I am now hoarding a complimentary bottle of Eppa in my desk right now, waiting impatiently for a special occasion to break the top open. Anyone with a taste for sangria is welcome to swing on by.


  • Jon

    Where can you get it?

  • Jon

    Just saw Whole Foods. Disregard.

  • DISH restaurant is also using it as an ingredient to make a drink.

  • Mess

    I just sent my assistant to Whole Foods to pick up some Eppa for me. I decided that can’t possibly be deemed elitist due to the low cost of the product. (all smiles)

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