Dear Flippin’ Out Crepes, Please Stop Torturing Me.

This morning's breakfast crepe (from Flippin' Out Crepes' Facebook page)

I guess I brought the torture upon myself when I “liked” Flippin’ Out Crepes’ Facebook page a week ago. It all started when I caught sight of its mom’s triple chocolate bundt cake crepe with fresh raspberry sauce on my newsfeed on May 11. The crepe laid innocently in a plastic container, ready to be gorged down. Then, yesterday, a philly crepe with cheese bursting out from its sides made its photo debut on my homepage. Great. Thanks, Flippin’ Out. You’re making it really hard for me to heed Mark Bittman’s advice on consuming less meat. All I want is to bury my teeth in that brown glob of dead cow, let cheese dangle from the lips of my mouth, pat my balloon belly, and take a fat nap afterwards. Forget about work. The thing is, I was ready to ignore your tempting offerings and go back to my crepe-less life, but then you posted a breakfast crepe with fluffy egg and bacon about an hour ago. Why??? And how in the world did you know I was already thinking about you?

I think it’s time for me to dislike you on Facebook. It’s been a tough decision for me, but I’ve decided it’s best that we break up this newsfeed relationship for the sake of my sanity.