Dallas Police on the Scene, Again, at The Chesterfield

Lucky and police officer at 3:30PM . (Photo by Carol Shih)

Last Thursday, Ed Bailey, majority owner of The Chesterfield, called the police and attempted to have one of his minority owners, Eddie “Lucky” Campbell, removed from the premises. The operation failed.

According to Campbell, Gary Van Gundy, president of Edward C. Bailey Enterprises, showed up with an attorney a little before 3PM today and the police were asked to have Campbell removed.  “Yes, they’re here right now,” said Campbell from his cell phone. “They are trying to have me removed from the property.” Campbell showed the officers the lease which is in Campbell’s name. “They tried to say I was trespassing,” Campbell said. “But I’m not.”

Bailey and Campbell are locked in a bitter battle over how to operate the Chesterfield. Both teams are lawyered up and won’t get into specifics. Bailey owns 51% of the business but his name is not on the lease agreement. “Look, I’m here right now and I’m starting a huge all-night happy hour starting at 5:30 today. I am reinstating the staff that Bailey fired and those who walked out in disgust,” Campbell said. “These people have kids and need to work. Our disagreement is a private matter about business and I want to get it resolved.”

I asked him how he planned to run a business with an unhappy partner. “It’s difficult,” Campbell said. “I’m not a lawyer. Ed and I disagree on how to run this business. As far as I’m concerned, I’m still operating The Chesterfield.”


  • Dave

    Good for you Lucky! Keep up the good work, with you there it might just be Bailey’s first successful restaurant!
    Well that’s if you can get rid of Gary… the man is clueless.

  • Donnie

    Best of luck with this situation, Lucky. You’re the heart and soul of that place.

  • Julie

    Love you, Lucky!

  • joeat

    Hire the policeman and get rid of the very nasty looking Eddie. This whole thing was a marriage made in total hell – on all sides. There was NO way it could ever work nor should have.

  • JS

    When reached for comment, Edward C. Bailey of Edward C. Bailey Enterprises remarked, “I, Edward C. Bailey, owner, founder, sole shareholder, chairman, CEO, and president of Edward C. Bailey Enterprises, hereby state that the heretofore described dispute between Edward C. Bailey Enterprises and the man known as Lucky shall remain a private matter between said Lucky and Edward C. Bailey Enterprises and refer all further questions to the team of lawyers representing Edward C. Bailey Enterprises in all its pomposity and delusions of grandeur. Also, we are having a Buy One Big Mac, Get One Big Mac free at all of our McDonald’s locations.”

  • Mon

    Lucky please stay!!!

  • D. Shapiro

    Unlike a night at The Chesterfield this can’t possibly end well.

  • Kirk


  • unknown

    Having worked for Bailey before…all i can say, 6 General Managers, 10 managers, 3 chefs, and that is just 1 location of Bailey’s Prime Plus, in which they had to change the name to Bailey’s Grille 2….enough said.

    Not to mention..3 GM’s just at The Chesterfield….all because Bailey & Van Gundy, have no clue how to run a full service restaurant. Great business men, but HORRIBLE AT HOSPITALITY & BUSINESS ETHICS!!!! ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS WHATS BEST FOR THEM

    I really hope Lucky comes out on top here…he deserves it. “The Chesterfield” is his dream, his plan, his loss of sleep, his drinks…and he cares about everyone!!!

    GO LUCKY!!!

  • Sandy

    No Lucky! No customers Me Bailey! We stand by our man. Personality and talent trumps money!

  • Ryan Reynolds

    For the record, Bailey owns 75% not 51. And Campbell’s “dream” really was never his at all. Sonny, formerly of NS, came up with the drink menu. Ed designed and themed the restaurant. Eddie’s only role has ever been to be a gladhander and bartender, which was all well and good, until he allowed his drug problems to impede his ability to do even that.

  • Ryan Reynolds

    This is all a publicity stunt by Campbell who is filming all of this in the delusional hope of becoming a reality TV star. He’s not lucky, just classless.

  • ryan reynolds

    Sandy – Being an obnoxious, loud-mouthed, drug addict constitutes personality?

  • Holden Brennan

    Ryan Reynolds, I was once told by a wise man “it all comes out in the wash.” The truth will eventually surface, my only hope is that all involved come out of the situation for the better. All involved are good people, hopefully this vitriol is tabled sooner rather than later.

  • yuck

    This is our day!! I am the (scratchy) voice of the voiceless! My DREAM has come true!!

  • Ryan Reynolds, LOL

    You are obviously one it the”suits” from Bailey’s…I bet you didn’t even want to write that stuff…This place is the best Ed has going & I hope & pray he can take a step back & work things out.

  • yuck

    don’t use my name!!! any way stupid is as stupid does

  • Jules

    Just for the record ryan- sonny never worked at ns. He is a great talent but Lucky was the first cat in this town making legitimate cocktails, years ago, and has been an inspiration to us all. Also you ownership % is way off. God speed Eddie!

  • john

    eddie/ keep the faith/from your packer backerand frozen tundra crew