Copper River Salmon is All Over Dallas Like Hot on Fries

The city of Tacoma turned out to welcome their first Copper River Salmon delivery. Maybe we can do the same next year.

Please excuse the generic post. I am on beyond blown deadline (BBD). Thanks to the many restaurants and fish markets that emailed the news: Copper River Salmon is Here! I can’t post you all, so if you’d like to sell yourself, do so below. Well, you know what I mean.


  • Wes Mantooth

    Yes, but we’ve lost Dr. Salmon again.

  • Spartacus

    After we went on a fishing trip to Alaska, my brother in law gave me a great shirt that says: “Salmon: the other pink meat.” Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to wear it anywhere, even at home.

  • It is…SORT OF.

    The Copper River is open to fishing, but they aren’t catching any KING salmon. Only Sockeyes.

    We know its confusing. Each river has multiple salmon species, with Kings being the premium.

    In general what people want with Copper River is the KING.

    Copper River Sockeyes are usually $14-19. Right now in the super markets they are selling this same fish for over $30/ lb simply because they have the word “Copper River” next to them.

    Point being this: Premium Wild Salmon season doesn’t begin and end with Copper River. Columbia, Yukon, Stikine – lots of great salmon rivers. And the best fish in these rivers are the KINGS. Copper River is great, but don’t let the hype confuse you from taking advantage of wild salmon season April-August.

  • Jp jones

    I personally prefer copper river reds to the copper river kings. You get me a white king salmon and that is pretty tough to beat.

  • JP Jones-

    Loved your work in Led Zeppelin. There are some people who prefer sockeye to king. My post was meant to help clear things up for the people who don’t know the difference who just know the “copper river” name and think that what they are paying $30 for is what they paid $45 for last year.