Copper River KING Salmon Arrive in Dallas Today

Jon Alexis picks up king salmon at DFW with DPD Canine unit as backup.

Many feel Copper River salmon is best wild salmon in the world. Others think it’s a fine fish with a fabulous marketing department.  Seafood snobs refer to it as Stupid River Salmon because they feel it is over-hyped and over-priced. Three years ago, SideDish conducted a blind tasting of salmon. Jammin With Wild Salmon took place at TJs Market. Twelve SideDish readers compared Atlantic farm-raised salmon, ocean-caught wild troll king salmon, and Copper River salmon. You can read the reults here.

The good news for Copper River salmon groupies is that some CRS did arrive in Dallas earlier this week, BUT nobody obtained king salmons because nobody caught any. Makes sense, right? I mean they are called wild for a reason. They show up when they show up.  Rick Oruch of Sea Breeze Market expected a shipment of kings yesterday but there were none available. However, I guess the kings showed up yesterday at the Copper River. Jon Alexis from TJs Market is at the airport picking up his order as I type. Brace yourself, the king runs around $45 a pound. Who cares! It’s Memorial Day Weekend! Omega-3s for all!