Coolhaus and the TX Food Truck Fest

Carrot cake cookies with sea-salt caramel ice cream (photo by Carol Shih)

Remember how I was really looking forward to Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck coming to Dallas? Well, I trekked all the way to the Valley View Center in Plano Dallas on Saturday to check out the TX Food Truck Fest, because I knew Coolhaus – with its glorious selection of cookies and ice cream – would be parked right there.

Surprisingly, there was a terribly good showing despite the crummy weather. A few Austin food trucks (Yumé Burger, Coreano’s, The Belgium Waffle Company, Chi’lantro BBQ) and one loner San Antonio truck (Sabor Columbiano) traveled across miles and miles of Texas terrain to be at the Food Fest, and all that driving must’ve paid off. There were old people, young people, families with toddlers, and the largest gathering of Asians I have seen at a food truck rally. Maybe food truck organizers should hold rallies in Plano more often. Hundreds of people waited patiently in long lines that stretched out across the parking lot, and most people went straight for the famous Austin trucks. The line leading up to Coolhaus was short, so I was able to order a carrot cake cookie with sea-salt caramel ice cream from people wearing Nammi t-shirts (since Coolhaus is partnered with the banh mi truck) in a jiffy.

[Ed. Note: We apologize to the people of Plano for inferring that Valley View Center is located in your city. What is left of Valley View Center is currently in North Dallas which we hope at some future time morph into Midtown Dallas.]

Carrot cake with sea-salt caramel is not an ideal pairing. Combining a sweet cookie with a sweet ice cream just gives you a really sugary ice cream sandwich you end up throwing away. But I haven’t completely given up on Coolhaus yet. Next time I’ll try a classic mix: double choco chip cookies with dirty mint chip ice cream. Has anyone else tried Coolhaus yet? If so, let me know what cookie + ice cream combo works best for you.

And if you haven’t taken a bite yet, take a look at George’s food truck schedule and give this ice cream sandwich truck a whirl.