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The North Texas Beer Festival is happening this weekend on Saturday, May 12 at the Irving Convention Center. We’re sending one of our new summer interns, a beer geek, there to scope out the digs. The only thing that’s missing on the schedule is how to make some good moonshine, but I guess that’s sort of illegal anyway. Ticket prices vary, and you should buy them here.

Katy Ice Trail House is hosting Round Up De Mayo around the same time as the beer fest. If you’re into wearing neon clothing, drinking booze, and the possibility of giant slide, then this is your crowd. The Facebook event photo promises a giant slide, but I am wary of promises that include a giant slide from previous experience. It often turns out to be a disappointment.

Tickets for Flying Saucer on the Lake’s Annual Beer Festival (happening June 16) go on sale Thursday, May 10. Over 25 breweries and 60 craft beers will be hanging out at 4821 Bass Pro Drive in Garland, all selected by Flying Saucer’s beer gurus. These tickets are only $25 if you purchase them before May 25, so open those wallets for this special deal.

And just because I like charity events (plus, this organization is doing some good for this world), I’ll throw in a fundraising dinner here. Seeds of Africa, a non-profit that nurtures young children and adults in African communities, is teaming up with Bolsa for a four-course meal in hopes to support Seeds’ relief efforts.

Seeds is an organization that Dallas native and well-known runway model, Atti Worku, founded a few years ago. Her mission statement is below:

“Our vision is to create a self-sustaining model for education and community development that can be replicated in other African communities. Beginning in Ethiopia, we educate and nurture gifted children, young adults, and communities with support that meets basic needs, an innovative curriculum and community development programs. We move beyond the traditional aid model, shifting from mere relief efforts to giving students, families and communities the skills they need to support themselves and rise above poverty.”