Bob Sambol: “I Have Not Moved From Dallas”

Former Bob’s Steak & Chop House founder Bob Sambol, just called me. “I heard somebody on Facebook said I had moved to Rochester. WTF?” I was driving so I had to pull over to investigate. A quick perusal of FB showed nothing. When I get home I will investigate.

Sambol, who left his position at The Mercury last month, is in Syracuse, New York. “I am not moving here. I live in Dallas. I am working on a business deal here. It has not closed so I don’t want to talk about it right now.” More after I get to a real computer.

Still not at a real computer update: Friend called and said it was on Steven Doyle’s Facebook page. I can’t link to it from this app on my phone. Linked.

Bob will not be directly involved with running any restaurant.


  • In my article today I was dispelling all the myths about Sambol including the one being spread that he is now at Bailey’s. I have from a very reliable source where he is working now, and I state that he still lives in Dallas.

    Fact checks are fun for the whole family.

  • FOH

    He should move.

  • Former

    How does one become a “former” founder?

  • Hah! Good point on former. Sorry I was typing on my phone in the car. Steve, I was reacting to what Bob said had not seen your post.I linked to it.

  • Gotcha Nancy. The point of my post was all the misinformation just like what he must have seen.

  • Bob

    You were typing on your phone in the car? Did you pull over and stop the car first? What kind of an example are you setting for the youngsters who just might be reading about some old guy who used to run a diner?

  • Bob, as it says above, I pulled over. I sat in Preston Royal Shopping Center. Believe me, I don’t type and drive. Lord I can barely type on my cell!!