Avner Samuel and Jon Stevens Ride Again: Snack Opens in Dallas May 22

The Avner Samuel; The Bailey. En fuego.

Whirling dervish chef Avner Samuel and his sidekick chef Jon Stevens are ready to open Snack, their “street-food-inspired-low price-points-small-plates-daily-chalkboard-special restaurant on Henderson in the space formerly known as Horne & Dekker. (Whew!) There will be three bar areas: one with cocktails, wine and beer; the second is a raw bar, but also includes a charcuterie element and hot small plates; the third, features a large wood-burning oven for made-to-order flatbreads and distinct hot dishes. (Whew!) Listen up:

From the age-old market-squares and bazaars to today’s street food vendors, SNACK is the creation of a street-to-table inspired menu. The menu includes dinner items such as short rib tacos with pineapple habanero and cilantro crema ($8), pork shumai dumplings ($9), chicken shawarmas with cucumber tahini and pickled onion ($8), and smoked oysters escabeche served with wood oven toasted bread ($7).  The brunch menu features items from a pan-fried egg sandwich with Serrano ham and avocado ($13), to a charcuterie flatbread with pan-fried egg, arugula and herbs ($14); and “street tacos” a la carte with a small assortment of sweeter entrees, like coconut griddle cakes ($11), to choose from.

Bizarre is right! Let’s see, Samuel-Stevens now oversee two locations of Nosh Euro Bistro, Snack, the transition of Bailey’s Prime Plus from steak joint to a chef-driven kitchen, and the addition of the lavish Aurora Room to BPP.  My guess is Samuel and Stevens already have their paws on the menu at The Chesterfield. What? You hear there will be more Nosh Euro Bistros if this relationship lasts? Oh, glorious Dallas dining. Are you coming back to life or going crazy?

UPDATE: Snack will have it’s own valet parking.


  • twinwillow

    Where there’s hope, there’s chefs. Who knows? Dallas may still yet become a food destination city. (Although I doubt it)

  • By the by

    “Street Food Inspired” = Not Street Food Priced

  • allison

    I doubt I’ll be trying this place due to the parking/valet situation at that strip. Something needs to be figured out over there.

  • Don’t be a hater! Looking forward to the raw bar, and right next to Veritas.

  • So much word, Allison — parking used to be fairly easy-breezy in that shopping strip, then valet moved in, and it’s been a terror. Just makes me not ever want to visit. But I and my tummy will likely make an exception to check out Snack …

  • pf

    Agree about the parking – I have no objection to valet parking; however, my valet experiences on Henderson when dining at Neighborhood Services and Fireside have not been to the service standard of valets at other establishments.

  • Merriman

    You think parking in Dallas is bad, try parking in Portland, Oregon, or alot of other places where there’s more cars than spots to put them in. At least there’s a valet option here. Snack is going to be fab, esp next to Veritas. One stop shopping!

  • JJ

    Snack offers parking validation!! Don’t be scared.